Trump campaign dictates new debate dates with Biden

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Trump campaign suggests new dates for debates with Biden

The Donald Trump campaign after upending a second virtual debate scheduled for 15 October, has now gone ahead to dictate new dates for Trump to slug it out with Joe Biden, the Democratic challenger.

According to reports, the campaign has suggested the second round debate, initially scheduled for 15 October, to be held on 22 October, the date for the third debate.

It also wants the third debate to be held on 29 October.

“Americans deserve to hear directly from both presidential candidates on these dates, October 22 and 29”, the Trump campaign said in a statement on Thursday.

Trump earlier today rejected the second debate with Biden after the Commission on Presidential Debates suggested holding it virtually due to the fact that the president had contracted the coronavirus.

But Trump said he preferred a person-to-person debate, declaring himself no longer contagious after returning from Walter Reed Hospital the White House.

The nonpartisan commission said that their decision was motivated by a desire to “to protect the health and safety of all” people involved in the event.

But called the commission’s idea a “joke” and a ‘waste of time”.

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