EU lawmakers suspect Amazon boss Jeff Bezos of spying on them

Jeff Bezos stepping down as Amazon CEO
Jeff Bezos

European Union lawmakers have sent a letter to Amazon CEO, Jeff Boss asking if he is spying on them through intelligence agents.

The letter was written by Leïla Chaibi, a French politician from the La France Insoumise party, and signed by 36 other legislators of the EU.

In the letter, they asked the tech giant if Amazon’s monitoring intentionally targets trade unionists, Amazon workers, as well as political representatives who could possibly express criticism of its activities?

The letter was sent to the tech giant after Amazon deleted job vacancies for intelligence analysts who speak French and Spanish. The job vacancy also specified that it involves monitoring, threats perceived by Amazon including trade unions and “hostile political leaders.”

The analyst if hired would be required to gather information on internal and external threats to Amazon and reporting the data to Amazon executives.

However, an Amazon spokesperson said in an interview with CNBC that the job post was not an accurate description of the role. He said there was an error and has since been corrected.

The firm also pointed out that they don’t want staff to spy on third party groups. Rather, the company said it wants analysts to look at publicly available information to understand the environment in which it operates.




  1. This incident clearly illustrates the difference between developed and underdeveloped nations and it had led to loss of billions of dollars to the latter. This is because many of the multinational corporations like Amazon can easily siphon unaccounted money out of these nations unnoticed whereas it can easily be detected through technology in a developed country. Nigeria that should have been a beacon of hope to other underdeveloped nations is itself marooned in unparalleled corruption and so very far from any sort of positive development, at least for now.

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