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On October 1st, 2020, the Publishing and Rights Management arm of Opus Music Holdings SMC Ltd (Opus Music Publishing Africa) inked a co-administering agreement with Vuga Music Inc. a US-based Music Publishing and Label for Nigerian Music.

The parties have since been devising the best means of administering and promoting music that originates from Africa for the ever-growing global audience which has led to this milestone.

In an effort to increase the global reach of African music, Opus Music will work closely with Vuga Music in music rights management (songs registration, metadata management, distribution & promotion and music licensing).

As stated by Vuga Music’s President, Ralph B. Amachree, “As Africans, we can’t just let our creative works go unheard or not be accounted for, that is why we needed to collaborate with a serious Music rights management firm like Opus Music to source African creatives that need to use our systems to increase their global reach while administering and controlling their rights.”

With the fact that both parties are tirelessly working with African music by providing their establishments for boutique music management solutions, Opus Music and Vuga Music expect to boost Africa’s music industry by providing specialized rights management programs to all levels of rightsholders including; traditional publishing to composition creators, white label services to artists and B2B services to rightsholding bodies (publishers, indie labels, archives and cultural Institutions) and music users (broadcasters, venues and production companies).

“Publishing and rights administration should at all levels be the prime factor that can secure and promote our African originality. We are the entities that facilitate collecting Societies with proper music metadata, protect works and ensure that revenue slips back to the right sources. With our unending efforts to correct Africa’s collective management challenges, we expect to work with all rightsholders across Africa with our management solutions. With the addition to Vuga Music, I’m sure that we shall provide even better and much faster solutions.” says David Tayebwa, Founder of Opus Music.

The sub-publishing partnership will see all creatives that get signed to Opus Music Publishing Africa access first-hand rights management services like registration of works in the agreed territories, streamlined metadata and royalty tracking services, placement of music for synch in film, games & television and promotion. Furthermore, the partnership will facilitate co-authoring opportunities with Vuga Music’s creatives while covering Performance, Mechanical, Digital and Neighboring rights for all Catalog owned by Opus Music Publishing Africa.