Joe Biden: third COVID-19 test negative

Former US Vice President Joe Biden has tested negative for COVID-19 for the third time, despite exposure to the virus from President Donald Trump’s team during the chaotic first presidential debate last week.

The Biden campaign team announced this in a release Sunday. The candidate was tested twice on Friday and on Sunday.

Sunday marked the fifth day for Biden since his contact with those who have the virus on Trump’s team.

It takes between 3 and 14 days for the virus to manifest in an infected person.

Trump and his team arrived so late to the debate that they weren’t tested before entering the room. They also didn’t socially distance and weren’t wearing masks.

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Biden, his family, and the campaign team wore masks throughout the debate and socially distanced.

Biden himself was the only person in the team to remove his mask for the debate.

Trump went so far as to mock Biden for wearing mask, which he claimed covers Biden’s whole face.