Daniel James Lesniak

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Arkansas born real estate broker and developer, Daniel James Lesniak sold over $22M in his first year in real estate, a feat less than one percent of all real estate agents ever do in any year in real estate.

Dan who is also an author and coach has written multiple best-selling books and is the founder of HyperFast Agent which has helped thousands of agents through training, coaching and podcasts.

He has spoken on stage with Grant Cardone, Billy Gene, and Ryan Serhant, and is the co-CEO of the Keri Shull Team which sells over half a billion in real estate annually in the DC area. He has also helped develop and finance over 300 homes and started multiple businesses and joint ventures.

According to the real estate mogul, his groundbreaking record of selling over $22M first year in real estate in a non-rebate/discount model made him unique

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“No one has ever sold as much as I did in their first year,” he said, adding that his early success motivated him to dive into the business.

“I bought my first home at age 23 with the VA loan. I was attracted to real estate investing at a very early age,” he revealed.

“My start in real estate came after a period of much rejection. After a career in the Navy as a submarine officer and then a defense contractor I got my MBA from Georgetown and thought it would be the path to landing a great strategy consulting job. I interviewed a lot, but never got an offer.

“After asking what I could do to get a better shot again they said I lacked sales skills and should get experience at doing that. I decided to get my real estate license as I was buying my fifth house and thought I would do that for family and friends. After a few months I had so much success I quit my job and dove in full time.”

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The business also came with its challenges but figuring out what Dan wanted to do with 100% commitment and clarity did not deter him from giving up.

Speaking about mindset and giving tips for those trying to start their own business, Dan said “mindset matters more than anything. It is not everything, but it is the most important thing. And figure out what you want to do (make sure it is profitable) and then commit,” he stated.

Dan also said getting into real estate was his biggest obstacle but has overcome it.

In his words, “It was not what I was groomed for or what my family expected after going to the Naval Academy, getting my MBA and my prior career. Deciding to make the jump from corporate after a tough interview process and go out on my own went against everything I have been taught for over 30 years.”

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Speaking about his next projects, Dan said “growing the HyperFast Agent Community though our 3rd annual summit in October, selling over 100 homes we develop in 2021, and starting a brokerage that will grow beyond the DC area.