Femi Fani-Kayode and Regina Amonoo

Former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has written a long appreciation message to his third wife, Ghanaian Regina Hanson Amonoo.

Regina in a statement sent to P.M.NEWS last week, debunked the story that FFK has been a wife beater, a factor said to be responsible for the collapse of his fourth marriage to ex-beauty queen, Precious Chikwendu.

Regina said contrary to reports, she is still married to Fani-Kayode, a marriage blessed with a daughter, Oluwaremilekun.

She also said she is his legal wife, married for 23 years.

“Chief Femi Fani-Kayode is my husband. We got married under traditional law and custom in Accra, Ghana in 1997 and we got married under the Marriage Act at the Apapa Registry office in Lagos, Nigeria in 2002″.

As the wife, she said, Fani-Kayode never subjected her to any form of domestic violence. She went further to describe him as a wonderful father and a caring husband.

“Anyone that knows Femi well knows that his greatest weakness are those he loves and he will do anything for them.

“He is a warm, kind, generous, gentle, intelligent and loving man who is not afraid of anything or anyone and who takes care of his own. From the very beginning of his relationship with Precious he told me about it and I accepted it in good faith.”

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Fani-Kayode appreciated Regina’s intervention on Tuesday. And he did so in a long essay:

O Daughter of Zion, how great thou art and how mighty is our God! My wife yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever: utterly fearless and ever so strong. God bless you for your love, honesty and loyalty.

From 1993 when we first met you have always been candid, honest and true with me even when I refused to listen and from 1997 when we got married you have always been kind, loyal, faithful, forgiving, patient, understanding, gentle, long-suffering and loving.

I guess that is why you have always been the strongest and most powerful force in my life.

I took a second wife who I also loved and you did not object.

I had other children and you welcomed them with love, understanding and kindness. Such selflessness is rare and utterly astounding.

Your courage and resilience is second to none and your faith in our God is inspiring and exempelary.

Without you I would have been nothing today, I would not know God and neither would He have been so kind and good to me.

Thank you for your constant prayers, for your comforting words and for always standing by me even in the most trying and challenging times.

The enemy sold a lie and you stood on truth. This has been your disposition and practice for the last 27 years ever since I have known you and from the very first day I set my eyes on you.

That day you were a sight to be seen: so filled with wisdom, knowledge, passion and love, so beautiful and so dedicated to the work of God and the spreading of the gospel.

You are a Daughter of Light and a Handmaiden of the Living God. You are divinely empowered and your endless compassion and powers of perception, insight, foresight, oratory and understanding are simply extraordinary.

Such fortitude! Such resilience! Such faith! Such love! Such loyalty! Such gallantry! Such courage!

You are a rare gift from God and the truth is that, right from the outset, I never deserved you.

God bless you, our beautiful daughter Oluwaremilekun and all our other children. I shall cherish you and love you until the day that I die. I shall never forget how you called me your poet/warrior.

I shall always remember how you gave all and sacrificed all just for me

However, if FFK had thought his message will placate his critics, sold on the belief that he behaved beastly to Precious Chikwendu, he got it wrong.

His message was greeted with an avalanche of queries by his followers on Instagram:

” She’s all these and you married a second wife??”, asked Mmesoma Chukwu.

“This is how you were writing epistles for Precious, tomorrow you’ll marry another one and continue writing. This is distasteful for a man of your age and status”.

“Na wa o ….you loved her like this and u married 4 more….Dis man is not well o”, wrote Glawwws.

“You sound like a christian but you always handle your family matters like a pagan”, wrote Charles Ofor.