Nigerian Air Force ATR 42 aircraft, NAF 930.

Air strikes by the Air Task Force of Operation LAFIYA DOLE under subsidiary Operation HAIL STORM have hit several Boko Haram targets, the Defence Headquarters said on Saturday.

Major General John Enenche, coordinator of defence media operation, said the strikes massively destroyed Boko Haram Terrorists’ (BHTs’) Camps, with scores of their fighters killed.

One of the raid was carried out at Tongule in the night of 24 September.

Daytime raids were also executed at Bone and Isari B Musa on 25 September.

“The strike on Tongule was undertaken after surveillance missions revealed continued assembly of the terrorists within the settlement at nighttime”, Enenche said.

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“Accordingly, the Air Task Force dispatched Nigerian Air Force (NAF) helicopter gunships for a night attack on the location, with their barrage of rockets neutralizing several of the terrorists.

“Bone, a settlement along the Yale-Kumshe axis, on the other hand, was attacked by a force package of NAF fighter jets and helicopter gunships after credible intelligence reports established that the location served as a staging area from where the terrorists launch attacks.

“The NAF attack aircraft engaged the location in multiple bomb and rocket runs, destroying several of their structures and neutralizing scores of terrorists.

“Similarly, at Isari B Musa several terrorists, who were observed both within and in bushes surrounding the settlement, were taken out as the NAF attack aircraft took turns in engaging the target area”.

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Watch the strikes: