Aina Gold

Michael Adeshina

Popular Yoruba actor and movie producer, Aina Gold’s Instagram account with the name @officialainagold has been hacked.

The account was infiltrated by a scammer who provided a link to another Instagram account named damilol_olymp_investment.

The latest message on the @officialainagold, with grammatical errors, employs a common tactic used to trick people into shelling out money by promising to send a bigger sum in return for a payment.

The message reads: Good morning to you all I know so many persons think my account is hacked but not it not and I know you all will taking this investment for granted but I am here to tell you again it very real and legit. Here is the another 300k I invested and I got back 900k as my alert go follow her and come thank me later @damilol_olymp_investment @damilol_olymp_investment @damilol_olymp_investment @damilol_olymp_investment @damilol_olymp_investment @damilol_olymp_investment @damilol_olymp_investment @damilol_olymp_investment @damilol_olymp_investment.

The first message posted by the scammer on Aina Gold’s Instagram account reads: “Good morning to you all I am here to share my testimony with you on how I invested my 100k with this woman and she credited me with 300k this not scam it is very legit and secure go follow her and come thank me later @damilol_olymp_investment @damilol_olymp_investment.”

The actor has also confirmed that the @officialainagold account has been hacked.

“My Instagram account has been hacked and the hacker is extorting money from my followers! That is not me so please help report the account and disregard all messages,” Aina Gold stated in a statement sent to PM News.

However, Aina Gold’s new Instagram account is @realainagold.