David Moyes and other West Ham players

By Muhaimin Olowoporoku

The entire West Ham squad are going to get tested for COVID-19 on Wednesday after two players and head coach, David Moyes, tested positive for the virus. 

Issa Diop, Josh Cullen and David Moyes whose test returned positive are already self isolating for 10 days in line with government protocols the club’s co-owner, David Sullivan revealed. 

Sullivan said that previously, Moyes had been suffering from sore throat, but puts it down to the fact he shouts a lot. However, following his positive test, the owner said all players in isolation are fine. 

He also said the entire team would take another tests today to see if there are more positive cases. “The whole team will be retested today to see if we have any more casualties.

Tuesday’s tie between West Ham and Hull City continued after medical officers from both team agreed to let the tie take place in line with health protocols and in consultation with the English Football League.

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