Why Edo electorate must use election to liberate State – Wike


By Okafor Ofiebor

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike says Edo electorate must be mobilised for the gubernatorial election with a focus of liberating the State.

Wike gave the charge at a meeting organised for leaders and elected representatives of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) in Benin City on Thursday.

He said they have done extensive campaigns from ward to ward and should work together to deliver the PDP during the election.

The governor who is also the Chairman of the PDP National Campaign Council advised them not to be violent in their determination to liberate the State from godfatherism.

“This is an opportunity for you to fight for the liberation of Edo State. You must all say enough is enough.

“One man should not be allowed to continue to insult Edo people. The godfather thinks what he says will always be. This is time to stop him.

“We want all the States in the South- South to be united. So, it is the best time to join your kits and kins from other Niger Delta States. This election is a fight for the destiny of the region. Edo State cannot continue to be alone,” he said.

He said party faithfuls also need to know how to be part of history in securing the future of the State.

Governor Wike urged them to discard fear and threats of violence as they resolve to participate in all the electoral processes.

He charged them to monitor the distribution of electoral materials and be vigilant to protect their votes.

“The electoral battle may not be easy. But God is with us. With the people also on ground, we will win.

” Let me tell you, God forbid that APC wins. If they do, all of you here would have failed because your political life will be in jeopardy.

“They will come with federal might. But do not fear because we have the electorate on our side.

“They did the same in Rivers State. The people resisted them by protecting their votes,” he stated.

Also speaking the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki said the meeting was at the instance of Governor Wike, the Chairman, PDP National Campaign Council for Edo State.

He noted that the meeting would address grey areas and other important issues required to secure electoral victory for the Party.

Edo State Chairman of the PDP, Hon. Anthony Aziegbeme said they have started to be vigilant and would resist any form of hijack of electoral materials.

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  • Jere.18:18-23.If after Oshiomole had stood before Edo people to speak good of Obaseki ,a less known politician in the last election and he turn around and betrayed Oshiomole ,God will judge him by Saturday.I am not talking politics ,I am facing reality of life. The God we serve does joke when it comes to keeping agreement,he is a righteous God.Let your no be no and let your yes be yes he said.He cannot say he did not agree with Oshiomole on certain conditions before Oshiomole agree to front him and now he has turned around to do otherwise because he has gotten the power.As long as the covenant of day and night remand and our God honours his word above his name.It is written the wicked will not go unpunished.Obaseki will like the ghehazi who wanted to play smart with Elisha and ended up getting leprosy.Everything must not be politics as some people think . Our God take exception to telling lies and that is what has kept Nigeria the way it is today. Let your yes be yes and let your no be no,if you will not fulfill the agreement don't enter into it.God is a righteous judge ,he judges the thought and desire of people.Obaseki can smart with human being but not with God. Saturday is the pay day he will not escapes judgment on that day.If he like let him get one million Wike it will not safe him. The hand of God will certainly be turned against him ,the lord will the turn the heart of Edo electorates as easily as he turn the course of river to favour POI and against Obaseki,because the heart of Edo people are in his hand.

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  • Time will tell

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  • The battle to liberate Edo state from one ageless man and from the fake Pastor according to the ageless man, is to take your destiny and that of your children in your hands.

    Do not listen to Desmond Elliot because God has already started working against his careers.
    An acclaimed leader without good direction shall lead the led to disaster, examine our Nation since 2015 and see the evils leaders have foisted on the Nation.
    Those you blocked Nigeria some Years ago and claimed that Petroleum subsidy was a fraud are today saying that without removing petroleum subsidy Nigeria shall collapse.

    Which one is fraud APC National Leader?

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