Desmond Elliot knocks Obaseki; says nothing wrong with godfatherism

Desmond Elliot at the rally of Ize-Iyamu
Desmond Elliot at the rally of Ize-Iyamu

Desmond Elliot, Nigerian actor turned politician, has berated Governor Godwin Obaseki for promoting “Edo no be Lagos” as a campaign strategy for his re-election.

Obaseki began to promote the slogan “Edo no be Lagos” after he dumped the All Progressives Congress to seek re-election on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party.

Prior to his defection, Obaseki met with Tinubu in Lagos to push for his endorsement as automatic candidate ahead of the gubernatorial election in Edo State but the APC leader advised him to go through the direct primaries endorsed by the party.

Obaseki went through the direct primaries and was disqualified by the committee set-up by his estranged godfather and predecessor, Adams Oshiomhole.

However, since his defection to the PDP, Obaseki’s effective campaign strategy to influence Edo State resident to vote for him touches on ending Godfatherism which he claimed was effective in Lagos but won’t be allowed in Edo.

But, Desmond Elliot in an interview on Thursday said the slogan “Edo no be Lagos” is a curse which will be broken by Pastor Ize-Iyamu.

Desmond, who was elected to the Lagos House of Assembly under APC, noted that “Saying Edo state can never be Lagos State means that Edo state can never be as developed as Lagos State.”

He said: “What do you mean by Edo state cannot be Lagos state. You cannnot say you cant be Lagos State when Lagos State makes an IGR of over 30 billion every month. You can’t hear about unpaid salaries or pension. You see projects coming up, investors and investment coming up, we are the fifth largest economy in Africa. So why will you say Edo can’t be Lagos because you are trying to sell an idea.”

Speeaking on god-fatherism in politics, Desmond Elliot said: “If not for God-fatherism would he (Obaseki) be where he is today.”

Desmond Elliot added that: “A God-father looks after the interest of his people.”


  1. It is very unfortunate but truth that politics has unmask hypocrites and real enemies of Nigeria.

    Time is not on my side to tutor Desmond Elliot, on dangers gOD fathers have put Nigeria into and this statement of his to the World has ended his political career.

    Even GOD from today shall start to work against Desmond Elliot’ careers.

    gOD fatherism is more deadly than CANCER, Nothing works in Nigeria because of the havoc gOD father.

    Nigeria ranks NO. 1 in World record on every bad thing because of gOD fathers. If you were there today and you think you have arrived know that you have joined the group that have murdered sleep in Nigeria and they shall know no sleep.

    Know gOD father No no sleep.. GOD shall fight all gOD fathers for Nigeria.

  2. Dear Desmond Elliot, You are saying the truth. Nothing is wrong with Godfatherism in Lagos State. There is Godfatherism in Nollywood too, it is in Police, army, civil services and in every where in Nigeria. The presence of Godfatherism deprives the younger generation of occupying positions already taken and domiciled for their close family members by the older politicians. Only those closer to Godfathers get better position. Other better qualified candidates not close to godfathers are left out or deprived. Godfathers controls the resources of the state and poor masses suffers. Desmond is a product of Godfatherism and we can understand his believe. Desmond interpretation of “Edo Cannot be Lagos” is wrong and selfish. Correct interpretation is the fact that Tinubu dictates who becomes a governor, Senator etc in Lagos state does not mean Adams Oshiomole should dictate who becomes a governor or Senator in Edo State. Ekiti, Oyo, Osun, Kano, Sokoto, Abia, Rivers and other states in Nigeria can never and cannot be Lagos. That does not mean those states cannot develop like Lagos. Such selfish interpretation by Desmond is coming from a shallow mind.

    • DESMOND IDIOT. Edo is not Lagos. Ask that ugly monkey Oh SHAME OLE how he killed godfatherism in Edo state. No more JAGABAN in Edo.

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