Sex-for-grade: IMSU suspends professors Agomuo, Njoku

Professors Emmanuel Agomuo and Victor Noku
Professors Emmanuel Agomuo and Victor Noku

By Abankula

Two lecturers of the Imo State University (IMSU), Professors Emmanuel Agomuo and Victor Njoku have been suspended in sex-for-grade scandals with their students.

Agomuo is the head of the Department of Biochemistry, and Njoku, the head of the Department of Chemistry.

The lecturers were caught on video, in compromising positions that put to shame their academic integrity.

Agomuo was caught pants down in a hotel room by the police, when he arranged to have sex with a female student, from whom he had already collected N150,000 as bribe-for-grade.

Ralph Njoku Obi, IMSU spokesman

He wanted sex-for-grade as well, perhaps as a topping.

Njoku’s case was even more shameful as a video showed him masturbating, stark naked.

The suspension of the two senior academics was confirmed by the spokesman of the university, Ralph Njoku Obi.

He also said the university has set up a panel to probe the two lecturers.

“We just came out of an expanded management meeting now. Management resolved to set up a panel to look into the veracity of the content of the video clips but as it stands now, the two lecturers have been suspended so they can give us ample room to do a proper investigation into the matter.”

“It is believed that the trending video clips may have again exposed the ugly underworld of sex-for-grade syndicates operating in the Imo State University, Owerri.”

Sex-for-grade scandal was the theme of an award winning BBC documentary that focused on universities in Nigeria and Ghana.

Morally loose lecturers routinely demand sexual favours from their students to pass them in the exams.


  1. Anyway thank God it is not the news of their death, because in the same University many have died due to HBP over accumulated non payment of salary, even till now many have not been paid since February while others have been paid. All the same nothing justifies their shameful acts, there is opportunity for them and those that indulge in such act to stop and desist from such. And the students that use such as option B, should also be cautioned

  2. While it’s true that many people are easily tempted by beautiful women, academics should be able to restrain themselves from falling in to a gorge that is capable of destroying their reputation.
    Anyone who had been there will testify that more often than not, it’s the female students that initiate the dubious relationship but it is always left for the wise lecturers to reject the offer. After all the recent trials and tribulations that some exposed lecturers were subjected to, who could have thought that this can happen again?

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