Nollywood actress Shan George is engaged

Shan George
Shan George

By Jennifer Okundia

Nigerian film producer, actress and movie director Shan George has announced she’s engaged to her heartthrob and best friend.

The 50 year old movie star stated that she was scared to try again all this while, but she decided to try this last time because this seems too right for her not to.

In a statement she wrote that her fiance who is also her business partner, is from Cross River State like she is:

‘As Scared and Skeptical as I’ve been all this past years, based on unfavorable past experiences, this one seem to be just too right to be afraid of, or to Hide. So I SAID YES!! To my best friend, my brother, partner, business associate, fellow crossrivarian, my ride or die since 1800, my available shoulder to cry on always. Let’s try again this one last time. It’s never too late. Yes, I Love You Too! 💃💃💃❤😘🥂

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Before featuring in the movie Thorns of Rose, George had earlier starred in a 1997 soap opera titled Winds of Destiny. She is best known for her role in the movies Outkast and Welcome to Nollywood.

Shan was born to a Nigerian mum and a British dad in Ediba, a town in Abi local government area of Cross River State, Nigeria.

The actress was 16 when she first got married. Shan George is a mother of two children after being involved in several broken marriages.

She is also an alumnus of the University of Lagos where she studied Mass Communication and went on to produce her debut movie All For Winnie during her final year.