A COVID-19 patients in the US being stretchered to the hospital

COVID-19 pandemic has now killed 192,012 Americans, with fresh 984 deaths by Friday night,
according to the tracking by worldometers.info.

The number of confirmed infections has also hit 6,385,367.

Over 50,000 new cases were recorded in the last 24 hours, as the Trump administration appeared to be clueless in stemming the virus.

With the daily death rate of about 1,100, America’s fatality number will reach over 200,000 in another 7 days.

The numbers make America unassailably the grim centre of the world, leading in both cases and deaths.

Brazil is second in both virus cases and deaths toll.

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The South American country has recorded 4,091,801 cases and 125,584 deaths.

On Friday, it posted comparative figures to America’s, with 855 deaths and over 45,500 new cases.

India is playing catch-up with Brazil,as the two countries are now almost neck and neck in confirmed virus cases.

After reporting another world record 87,115 new cases, India’s caseload jumped to 4,020,239.

The country’s death toll has also soared to 69,635.

There were 1,066 deaths announced by the health authorities on Friday.