Police unveil Ogbonna Nwankwo the breast cutter of Anambra

Breast cutter Ogbonna Nwankwo and the knife he uses
Breast cutter Ogbonna Nwankwo and the knife he uses

By Okafor Ofiebor

The Police in Anambra state, eastern Nigeria, have released the photo of the 41 year-old Ogbonna Nwankwo who was arrested for attempting to slice the breast of a 29 year-old woman.

The incident happened 2 September at Dollar Inn Motel, Ihite, in Orumba South LGA.

According to the police, Ogbonna was arrested for the attempted murder of Bella Joseph.

Ogbonna had first stabbed his victim in the stomach with a knife. Thinking the woman was dead, he tried to cut off her right side breast using same knife, probably for ritual.

But the woman gave out a yell which attracted the attention of the motel manager.

The Police Operatives from Umunze Divisional area were alerted.

A visit to the scene of crime met the woman in a critical condition.

She was immediately rushed to a Specialist Hospital Nnewi for treatment.

The suspect was manhandled by the mob and beaten to stupor.

He was equally arrested by the police and taken to the hospital for treatment under Police guard.


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    His Fulani herdsmen killers are killing Nigerians as if they were chickens or someone peeling potatoes.

    Kidnappers on the prowl. There’s so much insecurity. Crimes and criminalities are the hallmark of the present government in Nigeria.

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  2. The devil incarnate of a man,this man does not deserve to live, please expose him devilish face so that ladies be aware of him

  3. This man does not look like someone beating to stupor, we need to understand exactly what it is that led him to this, is it attempted homicide or case of robbery gone bad? ritual may not be all there is to it

  4. You have called his name and his picture given so why tape the eyes? Let’s see the face of this Devil. The problem is after police briefing, nothing more.

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