Stella Immanuel celebrates clearance by Texas Medical Board

Dr Stella Immanuel speaking at the press conference where she touted hydroxycholoroquine as cure for COVID-19

By Ayorinde Oluokun

Controversial US-based physician, Dr Stella Immanuel, is rejoicing over the dismissal of the complaints against her following her claim that hydroxychloroquine can cure COVID-19 ‎by the Texas Medical Board.

Dr Immanuel announced that she has been cleared of the allegation in a post on her Facebook page on Wednesday

She also attached the letter of clearance from the Texas Medical Board which she asked her haters to “read and weep.”

She said, ‎”Texas medical board dismisses the complaint against me. The haters have been defeated and God has shown Himself as my protector and defender. God bless TMB, God bless Texas, God bless America. Good will win. American will win. Haters read and weep.”

In the letter, the Board indicated that the investigation was dismissed because there was insufficient evidence to prove that she violated Medical Practices Act.

“As such, this complaint has been dismissed without prejudice. No further action will be taken concerning this complaint,” the Board said in the letter.

Immanuel had early August through a tweet announced that the Texas Medical Board had opened an investigation into her claim that the anti-malaria drug can cure COVID-19.

This followed an early warning by the Board that it will take action against any complaint about false, misleading or deceptive advertising for COVID-19 cure under its standard enforcement process.

In the tweet confirming that the Board has begun investigating her, the Huston based doctor had also solicited for donations to fund her legal efforts.

Immanuel attracted global attention in July 2020 when a video of her touting hydroxychloroquine as a cure for Covid-19 went viral taken in company of other medical doctors went viral.

The letter by Texas Medical Board clearing Dr. Immmanuel

“If they put everybody on hydroxychloroquine it would stop COVID-19 in its tracks in 30 days,” she said in the video recorded at a news conference.

The video went viral after President Donald Trump who had also touted hydroxychloroquine as a cure for COVID-19 shared it on Twitter.

But the video was later removed by Twitter and other social media networks over claims that it contained false information.

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  • @Tunji, direct your question on why the drug was banned in US to Pelosi, ( if you are Yoruba then) you cant get the failure part of Democrats ring leaders who wants Trump out of office dead or alive wrong.

    It is real troublesome to see how US main media and Democrats will do anything including riots, looting, and worst hypocracies like Pelosi preaching mask and business closures while having vip treatment exclusively.

    God be with lover of true freedom in US

  • I always stand by Dr. Stella being fully aware of bloody politics most world politicians were in recent times divulged into; making money is more important than saving lives from the already available resources, many social media platforms and authorities removed or Barned the clip videos because of intense pressures from some prejudiced quarters, who wants to make more money than saving lives,
    Media platforms has to submit because he who blow the pipe determines the tune...thrash!

  • Thank God that the issue has now been resolved finally. The verdict couldn't have been otherwise because there is reliable data to prove that most of those using the medication have been relieved from the deadly virus. And, more importantly, there is no evidence at all that its usage had harmed anyone. From all indications, she had been subjected to what she went through because she was the first person to come public about its efficacy. Pioneers like Galileo Galilei suffered a similar fate for his discovery in the hands of the Catholic Church fathers of the him though he was later rehabilitated many centuries later when the Church discovered its mistake in the matter.
    More grease to your elbows.

    • Dr. Lulu, who told you that " most of those using the medication have been relieved from the deadly virus"? So why did the US banned it?