Enderline Ndubuisi

The name “U Slay Assembly” is seen and known as a haven that could bring succour to men and women having sexual issues and rightly so, because the young lady holding sway, Ndubuisi Enderline Ngozi has made a name for herself as the best and youngest in the trade.

Her success in the trade is obvious from all the affluence around her and the splendour of her beauty. But the microbiology graduate of Ebonyi State University turned sex therapist has lived through tears and pain to be where fate and fortune has taken her.

Recounting the uphill journey to the summit in a recent interview, she said, “If you need to serve the public, you have to say goodbye to uninterrupted sleep 8 hours a day, you have to learn to be patient , this is my story. Since I started this business the line between my personal life and the business has blurred. Clients want to chat and call you up at any time they feel low and the interesting part is they need to be heard. These sacrifices are priceless and I am glad that I am able to always proffer solutions that work to my esteemed clients satisfaction.”

Speaking further she also outlined the challenges inherent in running a sex business in Nigeria.

“Our number one challenge is sourcing: I make my solutions and portions by hands and I have to make sure I source the best quality raw materials every time. Most of these products are scarce/ seasonal and the prices change. We absorb these costs sometimes because we cannot change the price of the product all the time.

“The second challenge is logistics: we ship to distant lands and some of the parcel gets destroyed along the way and we have to resend and the third problem are the clients: our products are 100% organic and natural products and require patience to enable them provide the required benefits ( in this case I mean those using our products for curative purposes).

“Many clients are not patient. Using this case study : A product of instance is the Erectile Dysfunction/ Impotence. A minimum treatment period of 3 months is required but some clients do not have “luxury of time” they forget that this problems are what they have lived their lives with (centuries) but want it to disappear in 72hrs. We, however, advise clients to stick to organic options of treatment rather than Fad remedies,” she said.

Ndubuisi is a top notch sexologist with 5 years experience in researching and producing organic aphrodisiacs and body enhancement products. She has administered several products on her clients and her products filled the gaps in their sex lives/bodies. She is extremely passionate about finding solutions to the sexual problems of her clients so they can have a better life.

According to her, “Growing up, I watched a lot of homes break and as I got older I discovered that more than half of the issues that caused the divorce were sex related and people were very embarrassed to discuss it. I decided to start filling this gap and I’m proud to say that since 2017, I’ve saved the sex life and marriages of over 1000 and 2000 clients respectively.

“Apart from using her Kayanmata magic to resolve sexual issues between men and women, the ‘U Slay Assembly’ Chief Executive Officer also manufactures other wide range of aphrodisiacs. According to her, she manufactures organic aphrodisiac with the help of her assistant, named Okoh Stephen Ifeanyi, a graduate of biology.

“Kayanmata is a Hausa word, meaning ‘Women’s things’. They are herbs used to enhance sexual pleasure. Kayanmata is the same as aphrodisiac, anything that is used to stimulate sexual pleasure.

Ndubuisi started her business in 2017 and made it official by founding the ‘U Slay Assembly’ in 2019 at the age of 20, making her the youngest in the trade.

She was born on March 28, 1997. She’s originally from Imo State but born and bred in Kano. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in microbiology from Ebonyi State University.