Why I am still single – Nollywood actress, Genevieve reveals

Genevieve Nnaji: marks another year
Nollywood actress Genevieve

Veteran Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji has revealed she is yet to get married.

The mother of one in a recent interview disclosed that she is scared of having a failed marriage.

According to the 41-year-old, she decided to remain single because she does not want to experience a failed marriage.

In her words; “If I get married, I really want to stay married, and staying married is not an easy thing. It means you are completely in tune with your partner. It means you have found your soul mate and will have to be able to stand a lot of disappointments that would definitely come but then again you have to learn how to forgive.”

Genevieve who has never been married gave birth to her daughter, Theodora Chimebuka Nnaji when she was still in secondary school, at the age of 17.

Theodora, 24, is now married to her Heartthrob, Prince Chigozie Ikediwa.


    • I care. Fear is the most common cause for failure. To succeed you must at first defeat fear. Genevieve should should stand out as ambassador against fear. She should know that there is no fear in love according to the word of God in 1John chapter 4 verse 18 it says and I quote “There is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear…” I pray for Genevieve today that whoever she will get hooked to both will cast out fear in their marriage.

  1. Ada Mbaise give Marriage a trial if suitors are coming please. How can you be afraid of something you have no idea of? Queen Genny you haven’t been married before to the best of my knowledge except you are telling us that you have phobia for marriage. All the same may God direct your paths

  2. Well, I have nothing to say on these
    Since I was 20, I have been crushing on that damsel
    Why some of these celebrities marriage end up is because they also go for famous men so am not against wat she said
    As for me, am gonna be faithful to her(Genevieve nnaji) if she eventually change her mind on getting married

    • Obviously, Gene hasn’t stated her sincere mind here, cos, life is all about trying and believing in Our Creator to make things perfect for us mankind. In my thinking, perhaps she’s satisfied with just a child and doesn’t really see the need to get married to a man, because, should she get married to a man not as rich as herself she will feel like the husband which most women aren’t comfortable with, and should she get married to a man richer than herself she might not be able to abide by the rules of marriage, the dos and don’t and besides, there must be someone already in her life taking care of the desired feelings in a woman’s life and so, she felt getting hooked downtown in the name of marriage isn’t worth it after all.

  3. Oh my God, that’s unfair. Beautiful Queen Genevieve at the age of 41 years still unmarried, scared of having a failed marriage. Unbelievable my beautiful… Please stop thinking negative and search around for your true love, I mean your future God sent husband to spend the rest of your life with, before it will be too late. Your only daughter is already married and you still having the fear of failed married. But why? Beautiful..
    now I prophecies to you, your heart desire husband will locate you before the end of this year in Jesus mighty name, Amen…. But if I may ask, how do you manage to sleep every night without the warmness of a man?Moreover by his grace you can still have more beautiful kids. Please and please… Try and get married, is your parents not bothering you about getting married? You are so beautiful to be my wife and I believe you can still be the mother of my beautiful Kings and Queen, even you’re older than me. I promise to spend the rest of my life with you, filled the rest of your life with love and affection. Always be truthful to you. Beautiful Queen Genevieve I love you from the bottom of my heart. You worthy to be the mother of my kids, please my dear, stopped thinking negative about your marriage. Okay!!!

    • Question You dare ask:: **how do you manage to sleep every night without the warmness of a man**
      Answer ::: same way you sleep EVERY NIGHT without the warmness of a man..or woman.

      A man/woman doesn’t make u happy or complete unless there is that inner contentment with yourself and ability to love you and your life….despite what society dictates.
      That’s y so many peoples legs and lives are like a rotating door..allowing, nonsense people who don’t deserve their time to be playing russian roulette with their hearts and more…

  4. My dear sister, just make up ur mind to settle down in marriage and to submit to your husband as prescribed by the Bible and Igbo tradition. Do objective self audit towards attitudinal change that may entail giving up some relationships and behaviours. You can achieve it just as u can act out a particular role in a script and with determination, make it real for a lifetime. It shall be well with u.


    #Social media people which is her target audience.

    What was Genevieve concern before?
    #The fear of divorced (she does not want to experience a failed marriage.)

    What was Genevieve concern after?
    # She want to stay in married after she gets married.

    2. What is her current state after the problem emerged?
    # She gave birth to her daughter at the age of 17 years old and as a result she has an inner fear that keep reminding her of what she goes through.
    # Her past experience of Theodora Chimebuka Nnaji has an Undecided mindset on her.
    # She does not yet have a forgiven spirit so she will have to learn how to forgive.

    3. What did Genevieve need to do to address the problem?
    # She needs to learn how to completely be in tune with her partner to be.
    # She needs to find that man who is suitable for her. (It means you have found your soul mate )
    # She needs to learn how to overcome her fear of fails marriage. (scared of having a failed marriage.)

    4. What was Genevieve Inconsistencies of what she say or do?
    # staying in married is not an easy thing but she was not married before.
    # She has someone she has not forgiven that is why she need to learn how to forgive. (You have to learn how to forgive.)

    5. What is Genevieve untested beliefs or assumptions that contribute to her problem.
    # “If I get married, I really want to stay married, and staying married is not an easy thing”
    # she assume staying in marriage is when you are in tune with your partner.
    # staying in married means you have found your soul mate.

    # She is a public figure
    # Her age keeps counting.
    # Her decision is her private life
    # The environment she found herself
    # Social media


    1. Why is Genevieve still Single?
    Because she is afraid of getting married.
    2. Why is she afraid of getting married?
    Because she do not want a fail marriage
    3. Why she do not want a fail marriage?
    Because she want to stay in marriage.
    4. Why does she want to stay in marriage?
    Because she want to fulfill her destiny.


    # Genevieve should not be afraid of getting married. At the age of 41 she should have overcome her fears.
    # Genevieve should take a bold step and determine to stay in marriage believing that no marriage is perfect.

    ANCHORING: Genevieve said if she gets married, she want to stay in marriage.
    SUNK COST: Genevieve want to learn how to forgive.
    CONFIRMING EVIDENCE: it’s a personal decision but if others does it then, she can do it too.
    FRAMING: No comment
    ESTIMATING/FORECASTING: Genevieve is 41 then her decision should be now or never.


    DENYING THE ANTECEDENT: “If Genevieve has no marriage plan, then there is no marriage”
    AFFIRMING THE CONSEQUENT: “If suitor is not coming, therefore no plan for marriage:
    FALSE ASSUMPTIONS: Suitors never showed up which will be a proof of planning to marry.
    SPECIAL PLEADING: Genevieve understand the implication of not getting married at the age of 41.

    • Point is this lady is having a fulfilled life and should be left that way. Let her be na single she single she no kill anybody. Ahah!! Enough and let’s face serious economic issues.

  6. Please you guys should let her be.she is my role model and i love her so much.happily married and married is not d same thing ooh.

  7. I wonder why people are drinking PANADOL on another person palava!…. Another man decisions is another man’s nightmare!…Abeg do u pay her bills..?

  8. To be very honest, if anyone has not overcome the spirits of fear and unforgiving, that’s when anyone would think going into marriage is a difficult task. But the moment we realize that no one is completely perfect, it will dawn on us that going into marriage is simple and it’s ordained of God. All that Genevieve needs is to bury her pride and make life more beautiful by going into a serious relationship that will transform into happy marriage. The right man could be a God fearing widower or a man who also has similar premonition about marriage. Let her get herself out of that shell, it’s evil machination to think that marriage is bitter. It is the most sweetest experience for those who understands the concept and love God.

  9. I seem to resonate with her perceived ideology .I don’t believe in divorce and I detest abortion..I know marriage is quite tough especially a successful one both in terms of the couple and kids.. it’s a tough choice in this day and age.

  10. I actually love her stance afterall marriage is not all there is to life

    There are many married and divorced people out there.

    Judging by the way things go right now one could just decide to be a single parent in peace.

    Her decision is perfect and no one should question her, meanwhile a married man got his housegirl pregnant in my compound recently and divorced the wife to marry the small child.

    This is one of the reasons she choose her stance

  11. If she could freely sleep with a man to have baby at age 17, why is she afraid to sleep with men at 41.Let she better go back to the man who impregnated her at the age of 17. We know the man and he is still alive today deceiving womanhood.

    • Is marriage only about sleeping with men? At age 17, she knew just a little about life and would just have been infatuated and lured into the premature and “messy” affair. Now she understands men so well and has the right to be afraid and simply stay single.

    • As at 17years then what did she really kW about love, not now that our generation has turn to something else, may be is even her first time of making love and she was pregnant, and according to what I heard the father of the baby denial d child and she was left alone to carry her cross.
      Marriage is not by force is by choice. A broken relationship is far better than a broken marriage. Marriage is nt ticket to heaven. If that is her decision fine let her be. After all on d last day God will never ask her will she is not married. Once God is please with her, that settles the matter.

    • I stand with Benard. All of u saying yinuinyinyin, go marry, drop pride blah blah blah! no go.let her drop cup when marriage scatter. If she feels she isn’t ready let her be. If she feels like she needs more time to be sure let her be. No be una go follow dai the marriage.

  12. Nawa ooo someone takes a decision as an adult and is breaking people’s hrt like this nawaooo see insult now how does her being married or not affect u .did her family complain to u.even if they did is she not old enough to take a decision did she beg u for mony .did she collect ur husband .u that is married and thinks ur better than her .can u even speak where she appears did God complain to u..why are u so angry if u are married and really happy u cant be angry with her decision she is not even connected to u.be wise and mind ur business the wants that want to marry have they all married .some of the ones claiming to be married u have co wives all over under ur nose ur not even aware so face ur marriage and let this lady be .keepvur sermon and anger for ur female kids or sister they will need it HABA!!!!

    • Do not mind such people, someone said he/she does not like failure in a marriage & yet some people are castigating her decision. Abeg help me ask them, do they like a failed society…?

  13. It her decision not to marry. Thank God her daughter didn’t follow her step in that direction. Marriage is ordained by God

  14. Too much make up in the attached photo. She looks better with minimal embellishments but I guess that as gets older, she will have a lot to hide.

  15. Genevieve has a 28 year old daughter who has been married for years now, she’s into cosmetics and fashion, studied abroad. Does it mean she had her at 13? Why do you guys keep referring to her as a 41 year old?

  16. Millions of people are married na only you divorce con dey hold back. How about simply saying no one has proposed to you.

    • Don’t ever love someone who is not ready to take responsibilities. She is not submissive but she prefer sugar Daddy.. …cowards

    • LONELINESS induces psychological stress(trauma), she’s actually wants to Mary, but those guys that previously Cheers her has turned after finishings.. now, booing her,. In African tradition and from her tribal extraction, been an House wife is an honour to her no matter how wealthy she may be, she understand my points very well, my dear “UGWU NWANYI BU DI”.
      Even if she decides to lead a single parent all her life, her family (especially mum and dad) won’t like it either, and she owe it to make them Happy, beclouded with fear of failed marriage is not an issue in this case, her carrier mates have settled down with blissful marriages, why must her own be different? and I thoughts she goes to church.
      miss Gene should open up, she need counseling to overcome her challenges. Those rattling deceiving her chanting that been single till old age is non of anybody’s business are there looking for suitors…her fans who really love her should pray for her, so as to experience blissful happily house wife.

  17. Why cry for unknown man? Does surname make a difference? What of if the man also has Nnaji as surname?
    Leave that private issue for her and her alone. If anyone is claiming to be the father, let the person come forward.
    If he is dead, and never cared to claim her, why honour him ?

  18. Why is the daughter of Genevieve answering Nnaji as the surname like the mom. Is she not having a dad? Even if Genevieve had her as a single girl,she should be identified with her dad.

    • Only if the man performed the necessary rites. Otherwise, impregnating a woman would not make the product of the conjugation answer the man’s name.

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