Presidency’s move to control Amotekun is arrant nonsense – Adebanjo 


By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Elder statesman, Chief Ayo Adebanjo on Tuesday attacked the presidency for saying that the Inspector General of Police would determine the structure of Southwest regional security outfit, Amotekun.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu had said during a programme on Channels TV that the IGP would determine the structure of Amotekun.

Shehu was speaking on the approval of N13bn by the Federal Government for community policing across the 36 states of the federation.

He said, “Whatever name they go by, Amotekun or whatever, will be streamlined and they will be run in accordance with the structure as defined by the Inspector-General of Police. They will be localised, they will be owned by local communities, they will be managed by them.”

The President’s spokesman further stated that the community policing structure would be the same across the 36 states and whatever does not conform with the national structure would not be “in the scheme of things”.

But Adebanjo, in an interview rejected the presidency’s assertion, saying that they are ‘arrant nonsense.’

According to him, “What Shehu said is arrant nonsense! Is he the Attorney General (of the federation)? He is just talking trash. Please quote me.

“They are controlling the police from the centre, it is not working, now they want to control Amotekun again from the same position? Do you have an IG of police in America? Even in Britain, it is not centralized. What you have is metropolitan police.”

Adebanjo wondered: “How can you send someone from Jigawa State to control the police in Ibadan? What does he know? You say the Governors are the chief security officers of their states, yet they control nothing, what kind of arrangement is that?”

He said Shehu might not understand  as the issue was beyond him.

He added: “I don’t want to engage him because he may not understand. The issue is beyond him. Amotekun is the case of localizing security, yet they want to control it from the Centre like the police, how?”


  1. Pa Adebanjo’s position is very correct because in any true federalism States should be free to ensure their own security. Nigeria is in its present position now because things are never done right.
    Many countries have been practicing federalism for centuries and they are still waxing stronger today while the Nigeria situation keeps debilitating.
    Nobody must blame Buhari for this because Obasanjo was president for eight years, why didn’t he lay the foundation for a durable and sustainable federalism? Rather, he laid the foundation for the country’s senators to earn bloated emoluments. Besides, he also laid the foundation for presidents and state governors to earn pensions throughout their lifetime. This goes with two buildings built at government expense, stewards, cooks, gardeners, free medical checkups anywhere in the world, to mention just a few.
    The national conference was concluded several months before Jonathan left office as president, why did he not submit it to the national assembly for ratification and passing into law? It can be assumed that he was waiting for his re-election but nothing is really certain in politics, especially in Nigeria. You can’t leave certainty and start chasing uncertainty. And Buhari, like Obasanjo, has never hidden his disdain for true federalism.

  2. This man while looting with the PDP never saw anything wrong in sending someone from Jigawa state to come to Ondo state to be the commissioner of Police. It is this stupidity that has made most of them lost the respect of the people

  3. God bless baba Adebanjo for this.the only thing i disagree with him and all the other good people that share the view that garba sheu did not know what he was talking about or the issues are beyond fact sheu knows what he exactly he was saying and this is what he and the northerners in power intend.control of the security apparatus of the nation so the indigenes are handicapped in opposing their oppressive agendas.
    if you recall acceptance by the fed govt of buhari was with great reluctance.mallami only backed down when he saw the matter was generating unity amongst the yorubas and greater southern populace a scenario which the fulani cabals fear most.fulani are deft at policy of fight and run to fight again.when the heat is too much for them they retreat to attack when the guard of their target is down and this is exactly what is playing out.
    the next strategy is to striffle amotekun.they will deny it arms in the hope it will be a toothless bulldog.
    this is the reason why all the security apparatus of the nation is in the hands of northerners except chief of defense staff who controls no troops and navy which is ineffectual if war or strife was to break out n nigeria

    • Your insight is correct, very sharp.
      Pa Adebanjo was in reality talking in parables. He knows that Garba was delivering a message from ”sponsors” who are inconfortable with any form of security outfit not based in the North or controlled from Abuja..

    • Pa Adebanjo is a good man. In the Name of Jesus, he shall live very long..
      He’s one of the strong voices that have been keeping the hegemonists in check up to now…

  4. Nigeria is a misnomer as a country and the people shaddled with governance are bunch of illiterates or sychophants who are always ready to disturb the system to impress their principal that they are working, very much harder at that.
    Otherwise how can Garba Shehu put his mouth in a matter of securing different sections of the nation, what is his pedigree in such matter? Has ever worked in security or security related organisations before?
    The like of Shehu are the enemies of making Nigeria move forward to occupy her rightful place in the international space.
    There are many pressing challenges facing citizens to which Garba Shehu and his cohorts should be working relentlessly to solve rather than engaging in frivolities.
    God bless Nigeria!

  5. Nigeria is so bend by poor systems that it affect the leadership from doing anything progressive, there is a centralised system of police that is obviously not working but they are starting a new security system that will centralised, why are Nigerian government so devilish, what are they gaining from bad security, deluded and insane set of people in government!!

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