Nigerian youths are not passionate about serious things – Frank Edoho

TV host, Frank Edoho
TV host, Frank Edoho

By Nimot Adetola Sulaimon

Popular TV host of ”Who wants to be a millionaire?”, Frank Edoho has aired his view on Nigerian youths and their topic of discussion.

The 47-year-old former actor noted that Nigerian youths would rather discuss football, reality TV shows like BBNaija, better gadgets or which country has better jollof rice.

He claimed that when topics like increased taxation, the unavailability of jobs and the devaluation of naira are mentioned, youths have no input.

Frank wrote on his Twitter account; ”Nigerian youths are very passionate about Messi vs Ronaldo, Wizkid vs Davido, Laycon vs Koddwaya, Nigerian Jollof vs Ghana, iPhone vs Samsung and Dodo vs Boli”.

”But when it’s time to talk about increased taxation, no jobs, devaluation of the naira – deafening silence. Una no ready (You all aren’t ready)”.


  1. While I agree that Nigerian youths need to up their game there are more important questions..who brought shameful programs like BBN to Nigeria? Is it the youth or adults like Frank Idoho Nigerian youths won’t kill themselves if BBN is yanked off the screen also what exactly does he want the youth to say about the value of the Naira are they responsible for the exchange rate? The bottom line in Nigeria is the adults and the leaders have failed the country miserably and because their are no plans put in place to engage the youth and capture their potentials the youth are looking for distractions from the failures all around them.He talks of youth passionate about football British youths are even more passionate about football but what the leaders did was to capture that passion and turn into premiership soccer that is worth billions of pounds
    Don’t blame the youth blame leaders

    • I think nigeria youth should deliberately and consciously be involved in the things that will shape the future of their country. The idea that nigeria youth will not kill themselves will not solve the problem

  2. Is it when they begin to hate others on religious or ethnic grounds and begin to loot sensely to amass wealth that you know that they are serious? Our generation is too hateful, too materialistic and full of despise for others with different ways and views. Please leave our youths alone… they have refused to be poisoned. They are serious on issues that are more relevant to the new global village. Our time is fast disappearing. We are the ones struggling between two worlds…..

  3. Unfortunately the media feed the youth wit these unnecessary informations, Nigeria media air foreign news into Nigeria as if they get paid to do it not realising the brainwashing impact on the largely naive people, they go around the world scavenging Europe and America news so they can feed Nigerians wit it, they are desperate to align themselves wit developed countries without any idea of the social and cultural impact, they are lazy, they can’t investigate news before publishing, I blame the media 65% for the shallow minds reasoning

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