Faces of Mali’s coup leaders

The Coup plotters: L-R, Colonel Malick Diaw, Brig. Gen. Dembele, Colonel Sadio Camara
Mali’s coup leaders: L-R, Colonel Malick Diaw, Brig. Gen. Dembele, Colonel Sadio Camara

Tuesday’s military coup in Mali that supplanted the government of President Boubacar Keita was led by two colonels: Sadio Camara and Malick Diaw.

According to a Malian journalist, Seydou Oumar Traoré, Camara was the ex-director of the military Prytaneum of Kati who has just returned from training in Russia.

Malick Diaw is the Chief of Staff of the 3rd Military Region of Kati.

Also mentioned was Lieutenant-Colonel Mama Seku Lelenta.

It was not clear how many senior officers were involved in the coup. But Brigadier General Cheick Fanta Mady Dembélé was being mentioned.

What the coup plotters did on Tuesday was to storm Bamako, from their Kati base, to arrest many Malian officials.

Apart from President Boubacar Keita and prime minister Boubou Cisse, many others were also arrested.

Among the people being held are the Chief of Staff of the National Guard and his Administrative and Financial Director (DAF), Abdoulaye Daffé, Minister of the Economy and Finance, and Tiebilé Dramé, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Also, Moussa Timbine, President of the National Assembly is also in their hands.

Brigadier General Sheikh Fanta Madi Dembele
Colonel Malick Diaw
Colonel Sadio Camara


  1. It’s very unpatriotic for these Malian military leaders to unseat the democratic government of their country. Are they saying that cutting off someone’s head is the cure for his headache? Are there no democratic options for resolving Mali’s political logjam? The AU and the ECOWAS should expel Mali immediately so that the Commonwealth and other international organizations might take a cue from them.
    The coupists will soon realize their folly because it’s very easy to embark on journeys of this nature but it usually creates more problems for the coupists, their collaborators and indeed, the entire citizenry.
    Certainly, I am not wishing them well in their ill-advised endeavor.

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