Edo: Oshiomhole visited Buhari to demand federal might, Wike will be caged

Oshiomhole and Buhari
Olusegun Bamgbose

The recent visit to the Presidential Villa by the immediate past National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, was to ask President Muhammadu Buhari for the presence of federal might in Edo State during the September 19 governorship election.

Olusegun Bamgbose, Esq., National Coordinator, Concerned Advocates for Good Governance, CAGG, stated this on Tuesday in a chat with Daily Post.

According to Bamgbose, Oshiohmole is on a do or die mission in the election scheduled for September 19 in Edo.

Adams Oshiomhole who met Muhammadu Buhari on Monday had said he went to brief the president on what is happening in Edo state.

Oshiomhole said: “I briefed him on what is happening. You know his attitude is always clear about the Nigerian electorate, that their rights must always be respected.

“Anybody using unlawful weapons, violence to intimidate the electorate, the president will never support such causes. And on that, we are together.”

Oshiomhole added that he had run elections in Edo state three times without violence and that “the only thing that has changed is: who is the governor, who boasts of his immunity and so on.”

However, Bamgbose claimed that Oshiomhole is the one desperate for power and his political survival.

Bamgbose said: Oshiomhole “is excessively desperate to ensure that Pastor Eze Iyamu, the APC candidate, wins at all costs.

“The estranged National Chairman must have visited the President to get his permission, to use maximum force, be it military and otherwise, to achieve his aim.

“Oshiomhole will certainly need the President’s support to disorganise Obaseki. He will surely act like a wounded lion, as far as the Edo Governorship election is concerned.

“Anyone expecting a free, fair and peaceful election in Edo State come September, should be a daydreamer. The election will be volatile and violent.

“Lives may be lost. The two major parties, APC and PDP will slug it out in a desperate battle. I’ll advise the registered voters in the election, to be security conscious.

“The election may be heavily militarized. Tinubu is giving full support to Oshiomhole, because of his presidential ambition come 2023. Obaseki security Aides may be withdrawn before the election.”

Bamgbose also alleged that Governor Wike, who is the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party National Campaign Council for Edo 2020 Governorship Election, has been targeted and will be caged few days to the election.

“Wike will be weakened a few days to the election. I foresee a plan in the offing to cage him. My humble plea for the voters is simple, they should not sacrifice their lives for any politician.”


  1. It is only a criminal that get scared of Security agencies i.e Police. In France soldiers, Police armed with gun patrols Paris neighborhood and Train Stations everyday and no one complain. They go about their normal daily activities without fear because they are law abiding citizens. Why are you people scared of Security agencies on election day. Are you criminals? Go out, cast your votes and go back home. Security have every right to deal with lawlessness people and Federal government have every right to protect everyone. Federal government must sealed up Edo State on September 19 to guide against thuggery and rigging

  2. This man is childish and irratioin in his claim because he failed to provide any evidence of their conversation. I hope he gets better doing.

    • You have not prayed for God to help your evil and miserable life but for Military to take over. You sound idiotic

  3. This election will end Oshiomohle’s life. The curse of the Edo people is upon him. Tinubu will die a premature death. We are no fools in Edo.

  4. Oshiomole is totally childish and dangerous to Edo state and the nation as whole. Is he the chairman of the campaign committee to brief the president, no why taking over the campaign. The entire world is monitoring,the state election. A leader that talks from both sides of his mouth. We are tired of his entire behaviour and lack of integrity. Nigeria politicians should bear in mind that, no permanent enemies in politics and able to play it with decorum because opposition today can be swap to be a member tomorrow. Former speaker was a PDP yesterday today he is APC.

  5. You are percent right . The signs he is seeing aren’t favourable to him. O’ SHAME OLE will be dancing naked in the market after this election because the good people of Edo are waiting for him and his federal election riggers. The world will see how Edo people will disgrace Mr. Integrity and his newly recruited rehabilitated Boko Haram army.

  6. When Dorathy was rude to Kidwaya by saying we don’t understand your accent, you didn’t see it. His private discussion with Erica is your problem.

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