Imo pastor to hold prayer service for Trump’s re-election

Flyer showing the scheduled ''international prayer service'' for Donald Trump's re-election
Flyer showing the scheduled ”international prayer service” for Donald Trump’s re-election

Facebook and Twitter users are having a field day trolling a pastor in Imo state who organised a special ”international prayer session” for Donald Trump.

According to the information on the flyer, the prayer session is to pray for Trump’s re-election as U.S president in the upcoming November election.

The church, Truth Assembly International INC in Owerri is scheduled to have a prayer session by 4 pm today, August 16.

Meanwhile, social media users found it hilarious and said it’s a case of misplaced priority.


  1. This so called pastor is just a complete fool. If he cares about anything he should care his own country that is falling about because of people like him. It is very sad. This fool called pastor, if asked to say anything about Trump, he would not know a thing about him. If he took sometime to read, he will not even dream of praying for some who is not even a Christian and does not in anyway shape or form care about the pastor or anyone that looks like the pastor.

  2. Truth Assembly pastor! There is nothing wrong praying or interceding for one another as long as you are not doing it for selfish reasons. Pastor let me ask, what do you know about America and Donald J. Trump? Of all the heinous crimes and incongruity of Nigeria government; how many times have you made a poster to call for divine intervention? The huge poster you made for publicity stunt must have cost a bit of money; and if you had look inward, there could have been flock or two in your congregation who so deservedly would need money. I am tempted to call you phony, attention seeker, a magician and p’raps vain glory. Your ulterior motive is no longer hidden but a case of misplaced priority
    Please stop; damn it.

  3. Idiot who does no it even pray for himself. What does his prayer do for trump who A erucan rejects? Does he even know America? Trump does not even like a black man to pray for him. He is a pure racist. Idiot called pastor!!

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