Burna Boy releases ‘Real Life’ featuring Stormzy

Burna Boy's Twice As Tall album
Burna Boy’s Twice As Tall album

Multiple award winning Nigerian super star singer Burna Boy is out with his 5th album entitled ‘Twice As Tall’ coming after his African Giant Album.

The 29 year old hit maker and ‘Wonderful’ crooner has dropped a single ‘Real Life’ featuring Stormzy of the new body of work ‘Twice As Tall’

Writing about the album, he wrote:


Honestly, no title cause I wanted the art to speak for itself, this album was a journey through a bunch of emotions and energies at different points in time. It has now morphed into something bigger than me. It serves as a bridge for mankind to show that we’re all different but still very much the same. I’m grateful for the unreal talents that came together from ALL over the world to pull this off. Shout out to the OG @diddy for coming on board and sprinkling his own unique spice on this! I hope I’m able to spark something in you when you listen. 🦍 #TWICEASTALL

Check on the Lyrics below:

Pull up like “Surprise, surprise it’s the President”
Can’t you see that I’m in my element?
I might just decide to slide on my enemies
I go along on a glide for the hell of it
I bring a different vibe when I’m steppin’ in
If a nigga ain’t right, I’m correcting him
Everybody know for sure, I’ma take it there
So cross your T’s and dot your I’s when you’re messaging
I never subscribe to guys on the internet
Living for the clout, telling lies to the press again
Better don’t take me for the fool I ain’t never been
Don’t bother with lies, I’m wise when I’m checkin’ in
I’m redirecting dem back to the sender men
Then you go see reality, go start arresting dem
Be like say dem no hear when I was telling dem
Life real, I ain’t never like the rest of them