Another Nigerian chained and in horrible state found in dad’s garage

Ahmed Aminu found in a ghastly state in his dad's garage in Kano
Ahmed Aminu found in a ghastly state in his dad’s garage in Kano

Another Nigerian chained and in a ghastly state, has been rescued from the garage of his parents’ house in Kano.

He had been locked up for between three to seven years in the garage.

Police identified the victim as 30 year-old Ahmed Aminu.

He was discovered after a police raid on the family’s residence.

Neighbours had alerted a local NGO about his plight, and the police were then called, the BBC reported.

Mr Aminu’s father and step-mother have been arrested and police said further investigations are under way.

In a horrific video shared on social media, an emaciated Mr Aminu, too frail to walk, was assisted into a vehicle as he was taken to hospital.

He had visible calluses on his knees and his bones were apparent through the little flesh left on him.

“We found Aminu in a terrible situation, urinating and excreting in same spot without [being] given any food and looking like he was going to die at any moment,” Haruna Ayagi, head of the Human Rights Network NGO, said.

Police said the man had been locked up by his parents on suspicion of drug abuse and left without proper food and health care.

Some reports said he had been locked up for seven years.

This is the second time this week a victim has been rescued from horrific conditions in their parents’ house in Nigeria.

On Wednesday, police in north-western Kebbi state rescued a 10-year-old boy from an animal pen where he had been kept for two years by his parents.–BBC