By Jennifer Okundia

During her diary session today with Biggie, Big Brother Naija housemate Nengi was asked about her relationship status with fellow housemate Ozo.

There’s been lots of controversy as to why the 22 year old former beauty queen and reality tv star wants to eat her cake and have it.

She stated that she’s seeing someone outside the house, but if she comes out of the show to find out her boyfriend has moved on, then Ozo who is attracted to her, is an option she would be willing to try.

The Bayelsa native further disclosed that everyone paired she and Ozo together as though they are already a couple, when they are just friends for now and she’s getting to know him better.

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Nengi’s Diary Session Part 1. • Nengi opens up to big brother about the situationship with Ozo and how to find a balance. She also explains the situation with Lucy. PLEASE READ BELOW : • ON THE ISSUE WITH LUCY: – Last night after the eviction she went to shower and heard Lucy say "All this girls in this house should pick somebody and be with the person" and she felt Lucy was referring to her. – Nengi said that last week, Lucy called her and spoke to her saying she's ‘hoarding’ the guys by being too close to them. Nengi feels she is being misunderstood and people think she's being flirty because she is real cool with everyone and also spends more time with the guys than girls so its normal that she'd be more attached to the guys. – She feels there's an underlying problem with Lucy's comments and she will cut down on her playfulness with them. • ON HER RELATIONSHIP WITH OZO – Nengi maintains that she is just friends with Ozo. – Nengi says she will try not to be overly playful with Ozo because she's trying not to send the wrong signals and lead him on. However, she really likes him and wants to be friends with him in and out of the house. – She said they've never talked about having a relationship. She also added that she wouldn’t want to in a box while staying in the house, she will love to relate with other housemates. • #BBNaija #Nengi

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