80,000 Nigerian ladies held as sex-slaves in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Ministry of Labour complicit

Some Nigerian ladies trafficked to Lebanon but evacuated early July. An official stands in the middle
Some Nigerian ladies trafficked to Lebanon but evacuated early July. An official stands in the middle

Chairman House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora Affairs, Tolulope Akande-Sadipe said 80,000 Nigerian ladies are being held as sex slaves, and forced labour in Mali, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia UAE and Oman.

And she blamed Dr Chris Ngige’s Ministry of Labour for being complicit in the way the girls were trafficked to the countries.

Akande-Sadipe, who is representing Oluyole Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, made the revelation on Monday, while speaking with journalists in Abuja.

Tolulope Akande Sadipe speaks at the House of Reps

She called on the Federal Government to urgently put a stop to the exploitation of Nigerians abroad.

She pointed out that the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, under the supervision of Dr. Chris Ngige has violated the law and has continued to issue International Recruiters Licenses to Agents, despite Federal Government’s 2017 moratorium.

She lamented that Nigeria has no Bilateral Labour Agreement with any nation and the execution of the Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) has been lingering.

“Federal Government placed a moratorium on issuance of International Recruiters License in September 2017 and yet the Ministry of Labour and Productivity as at January 2020 was still issuing international recruiters licenses”.

She added that many Nations in the Middle East and even within Africa were violating the rights of our citizens under the guise of domestic servitude.

“The question we must ask is How they got there? We have called out Immigration but then again the Ministry of Labour is also complicit”, she said.

“These agents collect $1000 plus the first 3 to 6 months salaries of the girls and abandon them to their plight in the foreign nations. The trafficked girls unfortunately are ignorant of the ills they may face abroad and are lured by the agents, because they seek a better life”.

Akande-Sadipe also revealed that these agents lie to the ladies about the jobs waiting for them in foreign lands, urging Nigerians to move away from the perception that the girls left this shores to prostitute.

She however decried the Minister of Labour and Employment’s refusal to appear before the Committee after four invitations, adding that the Ministry also refused to submit the requested information.

She added that information submitted earlier by the Ministry of Labour and Productivity, was inconsistent with the relevant records of other Federal Government Agencies, such as Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund and Federal Inland Revenue Service.

“In addition the Ministry has not been complying with laid down policies and procedures for international recruitment. For example, Agents’ pre-licensing procedures contravened the requirements of doing business with Federal government MDA’s”, she added.

“The Ministry did not conduct the mandatory pre-departure counselling; had no records of the annual reporting requirements mandated to Agents, which should provide information on the whereabouts of each Nigerian recruited, compensation and contact details”, she disclosed.

Akande-Sadipe further stated that the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Mr. William Alo and two of his lieutenants lied under oath to the Diaspora Committee.

“It is disheartening that the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, the Permanent Secretary and those who came with him gave the Committee false information”, she said.

This issue of human trafficking has reached pandemic levels and the appeals for help circulating across social media is an embarrassment to our Nation.

She therefore appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to initiate an Executive investigation into the activities of the Ministry of Labour and Productivity.

She also urged Mr. President to empower National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons.

This, she said, would enable NAPTIP achieve its mandate to apprehend and prosecute these agents.

Akande-Sadipe also asked President Buhari to review the funding of Foreign Missions to enable them meet their responsibilities to Nigerians across the world.


  1. About two years ago I drew the attention of Nigerians to this problem through this medium immediately the IOM made it known and I am very surprised that our ladies out of desperation still go to this Arab countries.
    There is absolutely nothing in these cursed countries except problems and misfortunes.
    But, sadly Nigeria is fueling the problem because the youths are finding it uneasy to realize their ambitions in the country, hence they are taking unnecessary risks by going to Arab countries that have nothing to offer them.
    The records show that it was the Arabs that started taking away slaves from Africa and that they took away more than 18 million ever before they caucasians ever took part in the heinous trade.

  2. MS. Akande-Sadipe, it is unfortunate that you are blaming Dr. Chris Ngige for the nemesis of Nigerian ladies held as sex-slaves in Saudi Arabia, Oman. Nigerian ladies are being raped and killed within Nigeria at an alarming rate and government seems to be doing nothing about it. Don’t you think charity should begin at home, you are part of the government, please do something instead of casting blames on Dr. Ngige.

    • Gosh,did you read the entire article before blaming her??? The ministry has failed completely to follow the due laid down procedures of giving licences and she’s calling them to book and you there accusing and condemning her,instead of appraising her efforts as one out of the millions, taking up the issue of nigerians abroad.

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