“You’re not a saint” – Fayose fires back at Obasanjo over comment on Kashamu

Fayose condemns Obasanjo's statement on Kashamu
Fayose condemns Obasanjo’s statement on Kashamu

By Taiwo Okanlawon

A former Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose, has lambasted former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, over his comment on Buruji Kashamu‘s death.

Kashamu, a former Ogun senator and Peoples Democratic Party chieftain, died Saturday at the First Cardiology Consultants Hospital in Lagos.

Kashamu, who represented Ogun East Senatorial District in the 8th National Assembly has been sick for quite sometime after he was struck by the deadly Coronavirus.

Obasanjo on Saturday condoled with the Ogun State Government over the demise of the businessman.

In a statement signed by his spokesperson Kehinde Akinyemi, Mr Obasanjo said while Mr Kashamu’s death was “sad, his life and history left lessons for those of us on this side of the veil.”

“Senator Buruji Kashamu in his lifetime used the maneuver of law and politics to escape from facing justice on alleged criminal offences in Nigeria and outside Nigeria,” Mr Obasanjo said.

Reacting to the statement, Mr. Fayose, in his condolence message, however, condemned the former president’s comment, saying it is regrettable.

He tweeted, “I commiserate with the family of Senator Buruji Kashamu for this irreparable loss and pray for the repose of his soul. The Almighty God will console those he left behind.

“I also condemn the statement made by former President Obasanjo on his (Kashamu) death.

“It is regrettable that Obasanjo could say what he said about Buruji Kashamu after his death and when he can no longer question him. Why didn’t he say that when Kashamu was alive?” he asked.

Fayose further asked if the former president can say in good conscience that he did not at some point collaborated with Kashamu.

He also urged the elder statesman to stop acting like a saint which he is not and also remember that his own end will come too.

He wrote, “Can Obasanjo say in good conscience that he did not at some point collaborated with Kashamu and most of the things he (Kashamu) did politically were not with his collaboration?

“Nigerians will watch out for Obasanjo’s own end. He should stop forming saint because he is not. He should also remember that his own end will come too and nobody knows how the end will be.”

Mr Kashamu was the founder of Western Lotto Limited, one of Nigeria’s lottery operators.

He served as the senator representing Ogun East in the eighth National Assembly and for years was wanted in the United States for alleged drug offenses. He had denied wrongdoing.

The feud between Obasanjo and Kashamu over the leadership of the PDP in the South West was quite pronounced in 2013 when Obasanjo criticised the PDP leadership for retaining Mr. Kashamu as a leader of the party in the region.

He described the deceased as a drug baron who will buy candidates, parties, and eventually buy power.

Kashamu went further and filed a N20 billion libel suit against the former president, which he did not withdraw until 2015.


  1. Hi Ayo, if Kashamu ultimately yielded to Covid-19 because of pre-existing conditions, you probably accelerated the process with your betrayal. That man must have felt badly stabbed by you for paying him with bad coins after supporting your second term bid. He knew he had a solid adversary in you, the public is very much aware because of how recent too. Stop trying to score cheap points.
    It is also advisable that you show some deference to OBJ, you’d hardly find any northerner dragging their elders like you do in a most uncouth manner. Enough is enough. Please stop being rascally.

  2. The fact that Fayose himself has not faced justice in an ongoing EFCC fraud case against him shows how justice delayed in Nigeria can make people escape justice. The delay in the case of notorious Kidnapper, Evans despite all overwhelming evidences is the same like Fayiose’s case. Until Nigeria’s legal system is conducted swiftly without interference and delays will those found culpable be able to account for their sins without escaping justice.

  3. Fayose you are highly uncultured ! Do you share your views with someone before coming to press? I have never ever seen a draft Governor like you and take Ekiti state will never repeat a mistake like you.

  4. Yes Obasanjo is not a saint but respects elders and traditional cultures of Yorubas unlike you. Obasanjo will end well, your bad wishes will not materialise

  5. Yes Obasanjo is not a saint but resources elders and traditional cultures of Yorubas unlike you. Obasanjo will end well, your bad wishes will not materialise.

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