Nollywood now cover-up industry for prostitutes – Actor Yemi Solade

Yemi Solade
Yemi Solade

Veteran actor, Yemi Solade, said the Nigerian movie industry, known as Nollywood, is presently a cover-up industry for internet fraudsters and prostitutes.

The 60-year-old actor made the comment in an interview with NigerianTribune when asked if he was pleased with the state of the Nigerian movie industry presently.

He said: “The Nollywood is not there right now. The Nollywood you see now is all-encompassing. It’s like an uncompleted building that is not guarded and what you meet there would amaze you. It has become an all-comers affair, anybody can stroll in and act. All the Yahoo boy are now there, all the prostitutes that you can imagine are there.

“People cannot even differentiate between the core professionals and these class of clowns who have infiltrated the association, but they didn’t just fly in, some people whom you refer to as core professionals brought them in.

“It’s just so porous that anybody can become an actor, the entry point is so porous and annoying. It’s a profession and it must be handled and treated as one. I am not really pleased with the state of the industry. It’s a professional body and we must portray ourselves as one that has mastered the art and craft of the profession.

When asked if there are plans in the industry for the aged, he said: “I am not in any professional body or administration to know what they are planning, but I will tell you that in any professional body, they should, as a matter of fact, have plans for their aged members. Little wonder we have some social media influencers raising donations for some actors on social media platforms, for people to help raise funds for them. If there were insurance schemes, and plans in place for the aged, or members of the industry, they won’t run to the social media to raise alms for their failing health conditions. So I don’t think there is anything like that. There is too much show, and we don’t need that, we send wrong signals to the world, we are giving the world a different impression about us, people see the few ones who are living large on social media platforms, you see them, everyone celebrating their material possessions, and if somebody falls sick and start asking for a donation, you start wondering that these people have money. So we need to do things right and set a good mark for others to follow.”


  1. Is so funny and saddening what Nollyhood has become,gone are those days when we watched Nollyhood films and children, neighbors and the entire family were mesmerised..
    Whenever you watch Nollyhood movies you will learn reality being transformed into films but today nobody can dare put on a Nollyhood movies and watch you will be Embarrassed. All they are displaying is Sex, sex,sex sex and nudity and drugs and criminality. Shame on to them. I have stopped watching Nollyhood for long. Rubbish.

  2. Mr Yemi has said it all, pls Sir pass ds mesg to them esp those flaunting social media, Instagram to be precise, to stop displaying what dey r not, and also shld respect God, esp d ladies, dey shld stop showing off their nakedness, dey shld remember dat everyone will surely give account of how we live our lives on ds planet earth, thanks and God bless you u Sir

    • Mr Yemi Sholade kudos to you as you let the cat out of the bag because we that we are outside the nolywood we see it as a profession that used to educate and thereby many people learn from it , for instance when watching movie there are some things that u don’t know b4 and through Hollywood u know it, also I want to ask while those people among nollywood that call themselves stars are not helping each other instead of helping each other they will be flaunting on social media because I can still recall back when Pa Kasumu and Pa Ogun Majek was sick then their family were halter and skelter to find means for them even they post it to social media whereby there are some stars within this profession that can single handed settle their bill though Man propose but God dispose, but pls try and change our habit bcos together we stand divided will fall

  3. Yes I agreed on what Mr yemi has said about nollywood has become a place for prostitute not only prostitute even drug dealers are also there what are they acting that you will see them having net worth 10million to 30million

    • Thank you sir for speaking sense to these people that called themselves a Nollywood actors and actresses. Now they mingled with all sort of touts, and some robbers are among them using the profession to cover up or either call themselves a film producer hahahaha. Mercy Lord

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