Video: Ronke Raji cuts hair, shares her reason

Ronke Raji
Ronke Raji

By Jennifer Okundia

Popular Nigerian beauty/lifestyle Influencer, YouTuber and Makeup enthusiast Ronke Raji took to Instagram to share photos after she cut her natural hair of 9 years.

The mum of two stated that she wanted a fresh start with growth and so she made the bold step of doing the big chop.

Change is the only constant thing in life, so why not do what you want and let nothing whatsoever hold you back from your journey.

read her note below:

‘I cut off all my hair and I’m now taking steps to keep my scalp and hair healthy, to help it grow. Let’s go on this new natural hair journey together where I find new ways to care for my hair.

When you look in the mirror the only person looking back is you. Loving yourself isn’t the same as buying nice things for yourself or pampering yourself it’s truly loving you. It’s loving you regardless of your physical form. It’s loving your decisions, your truths, your dreams. It’s loving everything you are and that you are becoming regardless of anyone’s influences. Let me tell you a secret, success isn’t the destination. The journey is the destination, in enjoying the journey you are already successful. 🌿’