Egyptian officials at the site of the collapsed building . Photo credit: Egypt Independent

No fewer than eight persons were killed after a five-storey building collapsed in the Egyptian Delta city of Mahala, state-run Ahram newspaper reported on Friday.

Egypt Independent newspaper, however, put the death toll at four. It said three people have been rescued.

Among the dead were a woman, Marwa Awad Aboul Enein, and her two children, Mohamed and Eyad.

According to preliminary investigations, the collapse was caused by the machine digging of the ground, being done by a private company to instal sanitation pipes.

Three houses nearby the collapsed also showed cracks at the front walls.

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Ahram said security and health teams are still searching for more victims under the debris.

Three workers including the sub-contractor have been arrested on accusations of negligence and killing.

Inhabitants of four other houses in the area were evacuated, amid concern of probable collapse.

The Ministry of Solidarity orders formation of a compensation committee and transferring the endangered families to a governmental youth dormitory.