We are suffering: Stranded Nigerians in Saudi Arabia beg for evacuation (Video)

One of the Nigerians stranded in Saudi Arabia
One of the stranded Nigerians in Saudi Arabia begging for evacuation

Some Nigerians stranded in Saudi Arabia have appealed to the Nigerian Government and the Diaspora Commission to evacuate them home.

The Nigerians, who said they went to Saudi Arabia to work, complained of suffering, as the Kingdom battles COVID-19 pandemic.

Saudi Arabia is the second worst hit country by the pandemic after Iran, in the Arab world. It has over 282,000 cases and 3020 deaths as at Wednesday.

The epidemic made the Kingdom ban foreign pilgrims from coming to perform the yearly Hajj.

The stranded Nigerians said the Nigerian embassy in the Kingdom is doing nothing to help them.

Frustrated they reached out to Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham, who posted two videos sent by the ladies.

In Posting the videos, Toyin wrote:

“I got this video from some Nigerians in Saudi Arabia. It made me cry. I am so sad right now. Please Federal Government stand up for these people. How long will Nigerians will continue to feel like we have no leader?Please evacuate our people. Nigerians should not be subjected to suffering simply because we carry green passports. I am truly sad. So sad.”

Watch the appeal:

Here is the second video uploaded by Toyin Abraham:

At the moment, the Nigerian government is arranging to evacuate some 32 Nigerian women also stranded in Lebanon.

They have been located and moved to a more conducive environment and will be flown home beginning from 12 August.


  1. With the manner stranded Nigerians abroad keep calling for Evacuation especially with regards to global lockdown, preventing individuals from embarking on their own safe trip, I suggest the FG assistance should allow the victims to make contributions also for their Evacuation as was done in the UK.

    This would speed up the process and allow no one to query the government after so much effort.

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