Ogun monarch Sholabi rapes daughter for 4 years, damages her private part

Face of shame: Rasheed Sholabi a traditional ruler in Owode-Yewa area of Ogun arrested for raping daughter for 4 years
Face of shame: Rasheed Sholabi a traditional ruler in Owode-Yewa area of Ogun arrested for raping daughter for 4 years

The Police in Ogun state have arrested a traditional ruler, Rasheed Sholabi for defiling his 15 -year- old daughter, for four years.

Sholabi, who is the head of Oose Agbedu Ajibawo in Owode-Yewa area, was arrested after the daughter reported him at the Owode Egbado Police station.

The daughter stunned the police when she disclosed the man had been having sex with her since she was 11 years-old.

She added that the frequent sexual assault has affected her private part, making it difficult to control her urine.

The girl also told the police she lost her mother when she was two years old.

Ogun Police Public Relations Officer, Deputy superintendent Abimbola Oyeyemi, said the Divisional Police Officer for Owode-Egbado, Olabisi Elebute, led detectives to the traditional ruler’s Palace and arrested him.

The Baale, who initially denied the allegation, fainted later when confronted by the victim and one of his ex-wives, who corroborated the victim’s ordeal.

His ex-wife informed the police she caught him while in the act, explaining it was why she walked out of the union.

The victim has been taken to the Stella Obasanjo Motherless Babies Home, Abeokuta, for safety.

Commissioner of Police Edward Ajogun has ordered the transfer of the suspect to anti-human trafficking and child labour unit of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) for further investigation and diligent prosecution.—The Nation


  1. Hey Roberto, are you implying that Tinunbu and all the Yoruba Leaders ( Mostly Muslims) who connived with Northern Fulanis to foist Clueless President on Nigeria are accomplices in this crime against humanity that everyone is witnessing?. I would say yes if you ask me.

  2. Nigeria is begging for leadership, saddly, Buhari is such an inefficient and ineffective President.

    A leader who keeps releasing Boko Haram terrorists and Fulani herdsmen killers who are not just killers but rapists after capture has in no small measure contributed to the upsurge of rapes, crimes and criminalities in Nigeria.

    The economy under this inefficient President is in abeyance, the level of insecurity is agonisingly too high and unprecedented.

    The debt profile under the loan loving government in Nigeria is Huge.

    I keep wondering of what essence is this Clueless President’s continued hold to power since evidently he knows next to nothing about governance.

    What a Failed President. What a political baggage. What a situation I take a stroll. Nonsense.

  3. It is unfortunate that a lot of this disgusting crime continues to fester in Nigerian households regardless of the duty of care imposed on parents, both mother and father. The fact that such a child being abused could not find anyone in their household or surrounding that could be trusted enough to report such a dispeakable act to is really pathetic and speaks to the negligence and nonchalant attitude of so called elders in a lot of families. It is a tragedy that not only has this victim been affected psychologically for life, she has also suffered one of the worse kind of disability any woman can be exposed to; incontinence (VVF), and unless this girl is properly taken care of, her whole future is definitely in jeopardy. It is such a shame that institutions vested with social welfare in Nigeria have failed just like every other public benefit. And because a lot of these monsters now they can get away with these acts, they continue to practice it for years without hindrance. Nigeria is indeed a failed state in every aspect of the expression.

    • To say that Nigeria is a failed state is an understatement. Sincerely, it’s very hard to say that anything is working as it should be in the country. There’s hardly any day several people are not killed overnight in the middle belt/Kaduna south and this has been going on for almost two years now! What steps have been taken by the governments – state and federal – to put an end to this? Bandits are on rampage everywhere in Nigeria; boko haram insurgents are already extending their tentacles to Niger state and north western states of the country, rapists are not relenting in their onslaught on minors, etc, etc…
      Let’s call a spade, a spade and say the truth that Nigeria is a goner.

  4. You caught him and instead of reporting him to the police you just walked out of the marriage, since she is not your daughter!

    • The stepmother did not do the right thing. She caught him in the act, rather than report him, she walked away, leaving the girl at the mercy of her father. A sad story there. May God heal the child.

    • A witness to the commission of a criminal act and who did not immediately report such is known as an ‘accomplice after the fact’, and it is itself a crime. The only defence against such is if the witness were themselves afraid for their safety at the material time, but the fact that the wife still neglected to report such a crime even after leaving the suspects house/marriage makes it more difficult to prove that she was never a willing or unwilling accomplice. The wife is as guilty as the husband in the eyes of the law, and she should be charged as such.

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