COVID-19 death toll tops 700,000 in another grim milestone

Record 12 people die of COVID-19 in Nigeria. PHOTO just for Illustration
COVID-19 death toll tops 700,000 worldwide

The COVID-19 death toll surpassed 700,000 early Wednesday, data from various tracking agencies showed.

According to, 704,643 people have been killed by the coronavirus.

The tracking body also said more than 18.7 million people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus and over 11.9 million have recovered.

The number of active cases is 6, 079,413.

After the United States, which has reported over 160,000 deaths and 4,918,770 cases, Brazil comes next.

The South American country has recorded 96,096 deaths and 2,808,076 infections.

India, the third worst affected country has recorded 1,910,681 cases and 39,856 deaths.

However, India’s death toll is world’s fifth worst.

Mexico has world’s third highest death toll with 48,869 deaths and a caseload of 449,961.

United Kingdom is world’s fourth in fatalities, with 46,299 deaths, the highest in Europe.