Meet 3-year-old Nigerian Instagram sensation


Crossing the 100 thousand followers mark on Instagram is a dream of most budding celebrities from every stratum of human endeavours.

It is not only a sign of popularity but also an opportunity for limitless business opportunities. And a Nigerian toddler of 3 years, Zeenat Adebayo has over 300 thousand followers already.

Zeenat, who is the first child of the Adebayos was born on October 10, 2016 at Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Her Instagram page named @zeena_zara has her designation as an entrepreneur and a further check by this report reveals she does have a business to be launched on her 4th birthday.

On why a three-year-old could amass such a huge following, further check reveals that she probably got this from her parents who are celebrities in their own right. Her mother, Happiness Adebayo, is generally acclaimed as number one and biggest human hair seller in Nigeria and Chief Executive Officer of Glee Luxury Hair and Skincare. She has well over three thousand followers

The father on the other hand is one of Nigeria’s leading automobile dealers and business moguls, Issa Adebayo of Still Autos Limited and Chief Executive Officer of Adebayo Group of Companies. His followers on Instagram tops well over three thousand.