Winners Chapel pastor arrested for raping fellow pastor’s daughter

Pastor Joseph Anthony
Pastor Joseph Anthony

By Abankula

A pastor of the Winners Chapel in Njaba, Imo state has been arrested for alleged defilement of an 11-year- old daughter of a fellow pastor.

The Pastor identified as Joseph Anthony blamed temptation for his action.

According to him, he had just been transferred to the Njaba chapter of Winners Chapel.

He was waiting to be assigned his residential apartment, when another Pastor offered to harbour him temporarily.

Police Commissioner, Isaac Akinmoyede said Joseph Anthony took advantage of the fact that he was at home alone with the victim and had carnal knowledge of her.

The paedophile pastor was among the dozens of suspects paraded by the Imo Police Command on Monday.

They were involved in various crimes, ranging from robbery, kidnaping and rape.

The Commissioner of Police Akinmoyede, said the pastor and other suspects will soon be charged to court after thorough investigation.


  1. Na so . Churches everywhere, mosques littered every corner and yet Nigeria is full evils and poverty. That is why I read my bible and Koran at home. Sometimes I dabble into Hinduism and Grail. Pastors and imams no go see money. They are all the same. Atrocities in the name of God.

  2. Shut up! Will Papa Oyedepo live his own life and live life for another person.After the gospel has been preached, it is the responsibility of individual to fight to remain in the faith.
    Jesus is the Lord of all, He appointed 12 disciple prayerfully yet Judas was found among them.
    So stop running your mouth against the man of God.

  3. Even the Oyadepo himself should be investigated. He behaves like rapist too. He talks like them. Winners chapel is not a church

    • All will continue to pray for you for repentance so that you can be set free from the spirit of ungodly words coming out from your mouth to the Prophet of God. I am sure Oyedepo himself will wish that you give your life to Christ so that you don’t perish.

    • Elegba, said it all. Most of these corrupt Pastors are businessmen and women. You do not have to attend any church to believe in GOD.

    • You are a brainless twat. What has this got to do with the crime commited by your uncle. I am sure he is from your mother’s womb. Thats why you want to insult somebody else. Ediot

  4. Pastor Oyedepo, see how one of your pastors has brought further shame to your ministry. You are busy training people without discipline and insulting the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Can you speak on this?

    • James, what has this got to do with rape? What is wrong with all you these criminals who defend rapists? Was it Pastor Oyedepo who asked them to commit the crime? Please see your psychaitrist before posting mad stuff on the internet

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