Wike gives 41 Range Rover SUV to judges in Rivers

Some of the vehicles
Some of the vehicles

By Okafor Ofiebor

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has given 41 Range Rover Discovery Sports Utility Vehicles to judges serving in Rivers State High Court and Customary Courts.

Other beneficiaries are judges of Rivers State origin serving the nation in the Federal Judicial Service.

Wike said that his government gave judges and magistrates vehicles two years ago with the promise that they would be replaced from time to time as a matter of deliberate policy.

According to him, the SUVs were the fulfillment of the promise he made to the judges to enhance effective delivery of Justice in the state.

He said as a lawyer and Governor of the state, the rule of law, independence of the judiciary and unhindered justice delivery were paramount to his administration.

The governor said the SUVs have a warranty of five years and that the judges could send them to Coscharis Motors if they noticed any fault within the period.

Wike announced that his government had also completed and taken possession of a furnished 20 unit residential quarters for judges, which the government started in 2018 in fulfillment of its policy for providing decent and life long accommodation for all states’ Judges.

He said that the Chief Judge of the Federation is expected to commission the estate soon and present certificates of occupancy (Cof O) to the benefitting judges who will occupy the houses for life.

He said the gesture was the manifestation of the government’s abiding commitment to the independence and integrity of the State judicial arm of government.

He said while the state government provides qualitative services for the judiciary, no judicial person had the right to dictate to the government in making choices relating to accommodation and justice dispensation as he hoped that the government’s largesse would spur the judiciary to efficiency and eliminate corruption and indolence in the system.

Earlier, the Chief Judge of the state, Justice Iyaye Lamikara had thanked the governor for providing infrastructure and technology development for the judiciary, saying “We are very proud to be the first judiciary in the country to have an e-library, and one of the pioneer judiciaries to commence e-filing e-assignment of cases and virtual hearing of cases.”


  1. Our Judges need attention, other sectors also need attention. My father, a Rivers man and a civil servant,who worked in Education office in my LGA died on an active service in 2008. Even though I have completed all documentation concerning payment of his pension and gratuity, and scheduled for payment since 2015, money which is not up to 1m naira, because he was of a very low cadre. Uptill now 2020, he has not be paid. This is the situation in Rivers State and I believe that one day, judgement will be served.

  2. Our Judges need attention, other sectors need attention too.My father, a Rivers man who was working in Education office in my LGA and died on an active service in 2008, the family have not receive pension and gratuity uptill date. Money that is not up to 1m naira, because he was of the very low cadre. even though we have completed all documentation and scheduled for payment since 2015. God, I believe is watching and one day judgement will be served

  3. Why not INNOSON Vehicles? the brain of third world people especially blacks and Niger Delta in particular requires careful examination

  4. Nothing bad in buying them even private jet. They are citizens too who have worked hard. But can they maintain it? Some of them will sell it and use the money for others things better.

    • Please you don’t have to comment if you don’t have the masses interest. What work? When people who have already worked and even died in the process have not been paid penny.

  5. Of what purpose? Abi to buy future judgement bcos we know him with the attitude of corrupting judge. May God save my Country Nigeria.

  6. Must he go for the most expensive brand of car in this period? For what purpose are they borrowing money for? So judges cannot drive a Toyota Camry or Corola?

    • You see why the governors kicked against financial autonomy for judiciary. If the judiciary had to provide vehicles for their judges, would it be in their best interest financially to buy Range Rover SUV? All these are bribes in disguise. If you like call it official bribery and corruption.

  7. Nigeria is a cursed country. At times one is loss for words,comments how best to describe officials at the helm of affairs in the country. Nigeria is a poor country, unfortunately governors are acting,running their States as personal properties. A case in point: The governor of River State could have used the money spent buying these vehicles for better things to help the poor unemployed citizens of his State. We read in the papers how Nigerians are suffering; there are no jobs for graduates;there are people who find it hard to have foods. To cut a long story short, l think it’s time for the States to be their brothers keeper by helping the less fortunate ones instead of acting like the States are their personal properties.

  8. nigeria is this the best way to spend scarce resources.education,health is in shambles range rover is the car to buy for judges under this circumstance?

  9. Can someone that has brain in this Country called Nigeria explain meaning of what Wike is doing by using the masses money that Federal government just released to the whole Rivers State to by SUV for those that get salary and some backhander for work they’re doing, and a lot of River State people cry of hunger?
    Only God indeed can save Nigeria, no man can do it.

    • I don’t think what the Gov did is wrong, these are learned men, those of you who are appointed politicians build Mansions, even own private homes in Dubai and America, but you expect Judges to drive Kia because they are not human beings. We will only know where we are going when we start talking like human beings. Some making this bad comments give Range rover spot as birthday gift to their girlfriend. Let us change this our bad mindset in this country.

    • Mr. Okome John, Are you serious? I do not care if those judges drive Kia or junk cars. They should go out and spend some of their salaries to buy their own cars. What has “learned men” got to do with this?. You also state that ” Some making this bad comments give Range Rover spot as birthday gift to their girlfriend “. How do you know that?. Speaking for myself, I will only give a used Fiat or Toyota Corolla, as birthday gift to my girlfriend.

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