Opening of Churches in Lagos, Ogun: Oyedepo reacts

David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

The Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo has reacted to the reopening of churches in Lagos and Ogun States, saying the devil has been put to shame.

Oyedepo, in a sermon on Sunday, said God would make his members laugh in this month of August, saying that “the laughter has begun; the devil is tired, the devil is weary. By next Sunday (9th August), all the churches in Lagos are opened.

“The devil is tired. Why fight a battle you know you can’t win? Can any man win against God? Can any authority win against God? Shame on the devil!

“The Sunday that follows (16th August), Faith Tabernacle opens. To the shame of the devil and his cohorts. Don’t you see the laughter has started? We are laughing at the devil, we are laughing on the devil, we are laughing upon the devil.”

Oyedepo said he knew that there would be victory in any battle that involved God, and that the conclusion was already drawn.

“What has changed? Nothing! But Jesus. The gang up of hell cannot prevail against it. What a joy that nothing has tampered with this joy. Shame on the devil. The revival fire is burning hot, hotter by the day!

“My team saw over 18,000 saved in 2 months. We never saw that before. And I know you saw what you’ve never seen before. Shame on the devil. Thank Jesus for winning the war as He has always done,” he said.

According to him, a great revival had come and the Church of Christ in Nigeria would begin to break forth on the right and on the left.

“Anyone or team that can’t stop the Sun from shining, can’t stop the Church in Nigeria from breaking forth.
Can I tell you, for those who are set for it, get ready,” he stated.



  1. He’s going to start laughing to the bank from next Sunday as members will resume thier ATM roles to find his flamboyant life’s styles Sharp guy

  2. It is quite unfortunate that gullible Nigerians are being taken for a casanova ride – a futile ride.
    Who is this devil that this Bishop has been lambasting almost every Sunday? Possibly, the devil is his undying quest for worldly wealth, and his insatiable quest for ephemeral power and control. Why the deceit? What is actually wrong with our psyche as christians?
    In Jerusalem today and in the past weeks, demonstrators were demanding for the resignation of the PM for his shoddy handling of the epidemic. Coronavirus has dealt severe blow to our normal way of living,and our men of God should understand that this is God reaffirming that the earth and everything therein belong to Him.
    I am a Church Leader too, and what we need now is supplication to God with humility and contrite heart to forgive us and heal the land. Can someone help to remind the Bishop to read 2 Chronicles 7:14 again.
    Our Lord is not a Liar and He changeth not.

    • I doubt if you are a church leader as you claim. Nigeria is not Jerusalem so comparing the two is misplaced. If you are a Christian as you claim, you will understand that the devil uses all manner to prosecute his agenda. It is laughable for you not to know who the Bishop refers to as the devil. It is very shocking. The devil obviously is not human beings but he uses humans to accomplish his agenda. So don’t be offended if God has opened churches for Christians to begin worship. Please show Christian maturity and do not sound as one who is promoting evil.

  3. This man should preach salvation for God’s sake. Is he blind to the fact that many people died through coronavirus and many more and in isolation centre? I am surprised how pastors are deceiving people just because they are hungry for their offerings and tithes. My fellow Nigerians wake up! I am a Christian and no one, I mean, no pastor can deceive me.

  4. open churches during this period of pandemic its means of open ways for devilries money monger self acclaimed call man of Gods.

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