Boko Haram gunmen massacre 18 civilians, gravely injure 11

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Boko Haram gunmen invade a Cameroonian village

Boko Haram gunmen have killed no fewer than 18 civilians in a raid on the night of Saturday to Sunday in Cameroon’s Far North region.

The attack took place at a place called Nguetchewe, located in the sub-division of Mayo-Moskota near the border with Nigeria, the staging post of the terrorist Boko Haram.

Eleven villagers were also seriously injured, according to the security sources who asked not to be named.

The attack happened about two weeks after the assassination of a soldier by Boko Haram in Touski in the Far North region.

After this came the death of a sexagenarian in Kordo in another jihadist incursion, in this part of Cameroon mired in insecurity since 2014.