Nigerian govt doesn’t care about women – Victoria Inyama

Victoria Inyama

By Jennifer Okundia

Nigerian actress Victoria Inyama took to Instagram to share a video where she addressed Nigerian ladies to cover up and stop exposing their bodies.

The movie star who is based in the United Kingdom revealed that in a country where there are no laws that protects women from rape, the women should take some measures to protect themselves from men who obviously have mental issues.

Inyama revealed that a stripper or a prostitute in the U.S. or UK if raped, will have the case investigated and justice served the perpetrator, but in Nigeria, the reverse is the case.

‘Appropriate Dressing & Comportment

It’s obvious to me that the Nigerian government is not really ready to put a fixed penalty to Rape and so l beg my ladies (minus the minors or aged victims) to plsssss 👗 dress in appropriate clothing so as to reduce the trigger for the perpetrators……A lot of these Perpetrators have underlying mental health issues & being around them in certain clothing is a trigger…..sadly the victim still gets to be shamed & ridiculed, so since this government is Not ready to do much, it would be wise to safeguard yourself.

Yes it’s not about the dressing some will say & compare with Europe & America but remember they take Rape cases seriously unlike Nigerian…..Think about it🤔
#notorape #notodomesticviolence’ she wrote

She also shared photos of Elisha Abbo, a senator representing the Adamawa North Senatorial District in Adamawa State at the Nigerian 9th National Assembly, who assaulted a lady in a sex toy shop and the case was dismissed by a Nigerian court recently.

Check her message below:

‘Dear Nigerian woman living in Nigeria. This backs up my earlier post.
Your government do not care about you.
Your system is not set to work for or PROTECT YOU……….. Despite video evidence….No case. Ya’ll better fix up….’