Murder of Gokada CEO Saleh: Aide Tyrese Devon Haspil arrested in New York

Fahim Saleh and his killer Tyrese Devon Haspil
Fahim Saleh and his suspected killer Tyrese Devon Haspil

Tyrese Devon Haspil, an aide of 33 year-old Gokada CEO, Fahim Saleh, has been arrested in New York for his gruesome murder.

The 21 year-old Haspil, according to New York Times, has been accused as the person who carried out the gruesome dismemberment of Saleh, an American tech millionaire, doing business in Nigeria.

The newspaper said Haspil will face charges for the murder.

Detectives believe that Saleh had “discovered that the assistant had stolen tens of thousands of dollars from him,” providing a motive for murder.

Tyrese Haspil- accused of killing GOKADA CEO Fahim Saleh on 13 July and returned 14 July to dismember him

The Times reported that Saleh didn’t report the alleged theft to the police but asked Haspil to repay the money.

The New York Post alleged the theft amounted to $100,000 and that Haspil allegedly “reneged” on the repayment plan.

“This was an act of charity that turned into an act of murder,” a source told The Post.

The Times also reported that investigators now believe Saleh was killed the day before the dismemberment (stunned with a Taser and then stabbed to death in the neck and torso) and the killer returned to the apartment to dispose of the body.

The killer also used a portable vacuum cleaner to try to clean the crime scene, according to the newspaper.

The grisly discovery came July 14 in Manhattan, when police found the “limbless, headless torso” of Saleh inside his luxurious condo, according to The New York Daily News.

Saleh was found decapitated and dismembered next to an electric saw in his luxury Manhattan condo on Tuesday.

According to the newspaper, a video may have captured a suit-wearing man entering an elevator with Saleh in the moments before he met with foul play.

Saleh’s arms and legs were cut off with “surgical precision,” according to the New York Post, and then placed in bags.

The New York Daily News quoted a source as describing the scene as “professional.”


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