Ufuoma McDermott

Movie star Ufuoma McDermott takes some time to address the issue of people minding their business and paying deaf ears when an issue doesn’t concern them.

Taking to Instagram, the mum of two stated that looking away from people’s problem isn’t an issue but when the individual who advised that others should turn their faces, is directly affected, hope he/she wouldn’t mind when they are left to themselves.

In a statement, the former model and Delta State native married to Steven McDermott said:

We are taught to look away from ills and rot. Be silent and it won’t come to you.
“It doesn’t concern you”
“It’s husband and wife matter”
“They didn’t ask your opinion”
“No be your state tax dem chop”
“Na your sister he rape?”
“It is our culture ”
…. If it finally comes to you, should the rest of us also look away?