Man with chronic kidney disease cries out for help

Oyetade Oluwafunminiyi Alalade

Thirty-three-year-old Oyetade Oluwafunminiyi Alalade is seriously ill and fast deteriorating in health. He needs N4.5 million to balance the N15 million required to run a kidney transparent If he is to ever step on his feet again.

Alalade, who has been ill since 2018, was diagnosed with Diabetic Nephropathy, which has resulted in his two kidneys packing up, leaving him in urgent need of kidney transplant.

Speaking on the history of his ailment, Alalade, a diploma and degree graduates of Lagos State and Bowen Universities, who spoke via a video recording on his sick bed said: “The whole thing started with tummy and back pain but aggravated in April last year and I have been going from one hospital to the other.

“I have been to Garki General Hospital, Kubwa General Hospital, and Zenith Medical Centre all in Abuja. Unfortunately, it took a while for them to diagnose my real ailment. They first said it was ulcer; later, they diagnosed diabetes. Earlier this year, I did another scan – I have done several scans by the way – and they discovered that my kidneys have packed up.

“I sincerely appreciate Nigerians for their assistance so far. However, I plead for more assistance for the N4.5 million balance to complete the N15 million required for the transplant. I pray God replenishes your pockets as you respond to my distress call. Thank you”.

To assist Alalade, kindly donate to: Alalade Oluwafunminiyi Oyetade, StanbicIBTC: 0013212057.

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