Medical staff at Scripps Mercy Hospital in Chula Vista, California attend to coronavirus patient in ICU. CNBC Photo

The United States reported more than 56,300 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, the third day in a row infections have risen by at least 55,000.

California, Florida and Texas are now the three most affected states.

As of Thursday, California had 303, 000 confirmed cases with over 6,800 deaths.

The number of new infections for Los Angeles County alone was 2,465.

On Tuesday, the state broke national record with 9,500 infections — the most new cases reported in a single day since the pandemic began.

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It also recorded triple-digit fatalities that sent the statewide death toll past 6,500.

Florida, now regarded as the new epicentre of the virus logged 8,935 cases on Thursday.

The state caseload has now risen to over 233,000 ad death toll of over 4,000.

Texas has 240,000 cases overall, with 9,782 reported on Thursday.

With ballooning virus cases, hopes are fading for an economic rival as hoped by President Trump.

In consequence, U.S. stocks closed down about 1% as investors worry another lockdown will cripple businesses.

Even outside the nation’s three most populous states, cases are rising.

Alabama, Montana and Wisconsin recorded their biggest one-day rise in cases ever on Thursday.

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Infections are increasing in 41 out of 50 states, according to a Reuters analysis of cases for the past two weeks compared with the prior two weeks.

On Wednesday, the United States recorded its biggest increase in cases ever, rising 60,541 in a single day.

It repeated same on Thursday with 61,067 new infections, according to

The United States has reported more than 3.2 million cases total and over 135,000 deaths from the virus.

This makes some Americans hesitant to return to public spaces and patronize businesses despite President Donald Trump’s efforts to downplay the risks.