Family planning will wipe out human race – Oluwo

Emperor Telu, Oluwo of Iwoland

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Popular Nigerian king, Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has described the step as an attempt that could lead to eradication of one’s race.

He stated this as part of his contributions to the recurring debate on family planning as a means of controlling the country’s population.

He feared for nations enforcing family planning as their space will soon be constituted with foreigners as currently obtainable in Canada, calling on Nigerians to respect the dictate of God on procreation.

Oba Akanbi equally considered the need for more human resources as necessitating factor for more procreation, saying the most populous nation, China, is gaining her technological relevancy and world power through her human endowments.

Discrediting the insinuation of over population as one of the factors for poverty, Oluwo hinted grace speaks than background in making a breakthrough in life.

He reiterated China, the most populous nation, as the emerging giant of the world, earned through her human mental.

Oluwo affirmed the strength in population as weighty, saying the onus should be on government to provide enabling environment for all and sundry.

He tasked the government to further improve the quality of both formal and technical education to enrich and promote brains needed for economic growth.

“There is much more strength in Procreation. We ignorantly related poverty to over population. If it were to be, China, by now should be the most affected nation by poverty. But no, China is the emerging world power, getting it very right”

” Few other powerful nations are getting it wrong for placing limit on childbearing years back. 75% of Canadians are made up of foreigners born outside Canada. In few years to come, the land may be controlled by foreigners”.

“Aside this, the dictate of God on more procreation should be respected by individual willing to bear more child. Grace is great. Having more child is not measurement of poverty. Many rose from grass to grace”

“Education is the key. China became powerful because of its passion for technical education. The government should focus more on improving technical education. Education is as important as human blood.

Basic education from primary to secondary should be free and made compulsory for everyone. Higher education should be subsidized. These will encourage average Nigerians to pursue technical education This is the strength of any developed nation.

The huge population of northern Nigeria should give them an edge over other regions. There is a need to harp on the quality of education and not putting an embargo on the numbers of children.” the monarch said.


  1. Instinct drives flies towards a naked flame, just as it propels them towards a light bulb. Flies have no clue that there is a difference between a naked flame and an electric bulb. One burns, the other does not. Most Nigerians, especially those in the position of power, are not there because they have anything tangible to offer, but because they are being driven by crude animal survival instinct. Otherwise, this popular king will have reasoned about the hundreds of almajeris roaming the countryside without any hope of survival; about the hundreds of children who die daily from starvation; about overwhelming poverty that is devastating the populace. Lack of understanding of the oneness of humanity and the fact that the earth is just one planet and everyone on it, whether they like it or not belong to one family and the inability to see the big picture of a single race of humanity makes the king’s argument very pedestrian. Considering how many women are being raped and pillaged everyday in the country, this king should have been at the forefront of population control if he understood the ramifications. But I believe he instinctively, as a king, wants to have as many wives as he wants to bear him as many children as he wants. That is his instinct at work, driving him straight down a rushing stream and he needs to bring everyone else with him. But realty bites, and when it starts to bite people like him, that is when this country will see the light.

  2. it’s a pity in nigeria the ignorant are in positions of leadership.
    oluwo gives the impression of an enlightened person to those that bother to listen to him.
    pray if there is nothing like overpopulation leading to poverty why did china sighted so much in his speech institute the one child per couple policy and not just allow the population to continue to grow at will as he wants us to believe there is no consequence to population growing without restraints.

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