Embracing Technology Transformation In Africa: What Next?

Temi Ophylia Ibekwe, Organiser, Phyllion Tech Conference and Founder, Phyllion & Partners.
Temi Ophylia Ibekwe, Organiser, Phyllion Tech Conference and Founder, Phyllion & Partners.

If you had 120 seconds to get an investor for your business, what will you say?

Introducing the 120 Seconds Pitch, a key highlight of the Phyllion Technology Conference 2020 slated for the 17th of July 2020.

Is your tech product or solution at an introductory to growth stage? Are you seeking funding? Then this might just be the perfect opportunity to position yourself for an investment.

Organizers of the conference are in need of five (5) techpreneurs, to pitch to the panel of judges.

Investors are only willing to pick a business whose pitch catches their attention and interest. This simply means in a case where your pitch doesn’t meet the expectation of the pitch panel, you forfeit the grand prize of an investment.

While pitching to an investor is serious business, here are 3 go-to tips for when you are pitching to an investor to take your business from launch pad to orbit.

1. Show Passion: When making a pitch, being passionate about your company, your strong belief in your idea or product is the first hook and tactic to reeling an investor in. Present your idea with the same fervor and devotion you have for your business. The first part of your pitch should be all about your idea. Why you love it, why you are confident it is worth pursuing, how much traction has it gotten so far (if it is already an operating business). Answer this within the first 20 seconds of your pitch and you have already gotten past the hardest part- capturing an investor’s undivided attention.

2. Know your numbers inside out: Numbers are crucial when making a pitch. While you might be tempted to throw in all statistics that come to mind, focus on the numbers you think are vital to your company’s story or big idea. The ones that are sure to capture an investor’s attention. You have cast your lure by showing passion, now is the time to reel them in. Show the investor your most meaningful statistics- Sales figures, profit margin, growth rate, customer acquisition costs (if any), cash flow, inventory management and more (just in case they ask for these). This section of your pitch is proof that you have done your homework and are prepared for any twists and turns that come your way. Attention to detail is key.

3. Hit the nail on the head: Explain why your business deserves a chance, speak about yourself, pitch yourself and convince the investor that you are the perfect person to build your own business. This isn’t about making money, this is about showing how dedicated you are to your startup and your readiness to weather the storm.

There you have it. Now you are ready to join the Phyllion tech conference 120 seconds pitch.

Take a deep breath and fill out the form to enter for a chance to compete.

Click Here (https://web.cvent.com/event/d056eda7-f312-473c-954a-c433c02fe2be/regProcessStep1) to register for a chance at the pitch.