Hushpuppi: the good times

The biggest news of last Friday was Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, a.k.a Hushpuppi docked in a Chicago court, slammed with money laundering conspiracy charges.

All the life of Rolls Royces, fancy watches and designer clothing on Instagram are now over, shut behind a prison in the State of Illinois.

Hushpuppi when he was busted by Dubai Police

Nigerian Twitter influencer, Kayode Ogundamisi wrote Sunday morning: In jail Hushpuppi will remember all the good times and ask “Was it really worth being in Jail?”

We share a video posted by Ogundamisi about Hushpuppi’s good times while on the prowl, executing one cyber heist after another and living on the fast lane.

And of course, some of his countrymen cheering him on, even while spraying $100 bills, without questioning his source of wealth.

L-R, Dogara, Timi Frank, Dino Melaye and Hushpuppiin Dubai