Indians pray for one of their own killed by COVID-19 as world hits new milestone

By Abankula

The number of global COVID-19 cases hit another milestone on Friday as it exceeded 11 million.

Tallies by Reuters and, shows that the disease was getting more contagious, especially in the U.S., Brazil and some South American countries and India.

More than half a million people have been killed in seven months.

The number of cases is more than double the figure for severe influenza illnesses recorded annually, according to the World Health Organization.

The United States, where infections have risen in 37 states, reported 54,722 cases on Friday, less than a thousand fewer than the world record single day 55,400 new COVID-19 cases posted Thursday.

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The rising cases have paused some U.S. governors from reopening their state economies.

Almost 2,890,406 cases, a quarter of the known global cases of 11,180,053 have been recorded in the United States.

The country also accounts for a quarter of the global deaths, 132,101 deaths out of 528,376.

A recent surge in cases has put President Donald Trump’s handling of the crisis under a microscope and led several governors to halt plans to reopen their states after strict lockdowns.

Latin America, where Brazil has over 1.5 million cases, makes up 23% of the global total of people infected.

India has become the new epicenter in Asia, rising to 625,000 cases.

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Asia and the Middle East have around 12% and 9% respectively, according to the Reuters tally, which uses government reports.