78-Year old Sheik Rauf Mustapha docked for Land Fraud 

The self-styled Sheik, Alhaji Rauf Mustapha, paraded by EFCC
The self-styled Sheik, Alhaji Rauf Mustapha, paraded by EFCC.

By Isa Isawade

The Ibadan Zonal Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Thursday arraigned a 78-year old Alhaji Sheik Rauf Temitope Mustapha for alleged N25million land fraud.

He was arraigned before Justice Ladiran Akintola of the Oyo State High Court, Ibadan on 27-count charges, bordering on obtaining by false pretence and issuance of dud cheque.

According to a release by the commission on Friday, signed by its Head, Media & Publicity, Dele Oyewale, the victim, Akibest en-Konsult Limited had alleged in a petition that the self-styled Muslim cleric collected the said sum for the procurement of 23 acres of land but failed to deliver the land.

It added that, after agreeing to refund the money, Mustapha issued a dud cheque for a first instalment refund of N3,000,000 (Three Million Naira).

One of the charges read: “That you, Alhaji Sheik Rauf Temitope Mustapha on or about the 30th of October, 2017 within the Ibadan Judicial Division of this honourable court did issue a Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC cheque No. 00146244 dated the 31st October, 2017 in the sum of N3,000,000 to one Arkibest En-Konsult Limited in settlement of your financial obligations to them, which cheque upon presentation within three months of issuance was dishonoured by your bankers for lack of sufficient funds in the account to which it was drawn and thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 1(2)(b) of the Dishonored Cheques (offences) Act, Cap D11, Laws of Federation of Nigeria, 2014.”

The defendant, it said, pleaded not guilty to the charges, prompting prosecution counsel Dr. Ben Ubi, to ask the court for a trial date, and for the defendant to be remanded in EFCC custody pending the determination of his bail application.

The judge granted the prayer of the prosecution and adjourned hearing on the bail application till Tuesday, July 7, 2020.


  1. My grandpa will never do such disgusting thing. This is absolute defamation of character and not true in anyway. He is a respected man in the society.

  2. This is totally a wrong accusations.My Grandpa is not a fraudster and didn’t dupe anyone,they were into business and when it was sweet no one knew about it buh when it came out this way,the plaintiff decided to tarnish his image and took advantage of the fact that he is an old man.lets not condone all this and let’s not spread false informations around……Because u know people to get urself pleased doesn’t warrant u do u it,God is over everything and this man is a man of God that u know the reputation he portray.Say no to corruption ✌✌✌✌
    This is a false upload……..
    @radekehmi if u need to get to me for more details……Thank you.

    • To the children of Alhaji Mustapha: this is a court case. The Sheikh was docked by EFCC. Please get the services of a good lawyer to prove your dad’s innocence.

  3. This is absolutely false news not only is my Grandfather an outstanding citizen of Nigeria he is a very well respected Educator in the community. The idiot in charge of this issue need to focus on Actual Criminals and stop trying to Serve “Justice” where it isn’t needed, is it more than apparent that the plaintiff is using this volume to tarnish my Grandfathers image because of a business deal gone bad. You As a blogger need to do your job as a social media influencer and do thorough research before you come here and write nonsense because you’re looking for content .

  4. This is injustice!!! My grandpa is innocent….. Almighty Allah will purnish EFCC for wrongfully accusing him of fraud…. Bring down your stupid post and get your fact right before uttering rubbish out of your gutter mouth…. Don’t even mess with a good man and dignity….

  5. I wonder why bloggers will just post rubbish without having a solid information,that man right there is innocent of all these rubbish allegation,how can u pay to get a land nd come back after wards dat u dont need d land anymore dat you want your money…it takes a good man with a heart if gold to return such money to someone..which he never even said he is not going to refund.EFCC shld do somwtin because my Grandma is innocent of all this allegations against him

  6. May Almighty Allah punish everyone of you for trying to tarnish the image of my grandpa..He’s innocent and you so called stupid EFCC couldn’t do a proper investigation before jumping into conclusion and calling him names….Bring his picture down!!!Fake news!! Bunches of bastards

  7. The accusations are wrong. My father in law is not a fraudster. He sold a piece of land to the plaintiff. The plaintiff returned a while back after verifying and committing to the purchase of the land. He started making installations based on the agreement to balance up the payment of the land. He then ran into some obstacles and told grandma that he doesn’t want the land any longer. Grandpa asked him to give him time to refund him as the money had been disbursed. This people have no case against my father in law. It will all be resolved soon In Sha Allaah

  8. I wonder why bloggers just post news without vital informations. These are false allegations, and totally wrong. This has nothing to do with EFCC or whatever but the accuser decided to tarnish his imagine without full story. He did no fraud, his innocent! I hope the true will go viral as much as the false allegations did. HE IS INNOCENT. I come in peace ✌️

  9. THIS IS A FAKE NEWS!!! I wonder why all these fake bloggers tend to carry fake news around just to tarnish one’s image. This man has been wrongfully accused.

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