Onesimo Mashiya

Onesimo Mashiya also known as Monnie

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Beauty and wellness industry is one of the successful and fastest growing industries globally.

Over the past few years, league of women led beauty brands have been catapulted into billionaire circles. It’s a much fledgling industry in Africa and many entrepreneurs are diving into it.

Onesimo Mashiya popularly known among friends and fans as Monnie, is a South African Skincare therapist and model based in Brooklyn, Pretoria.

Monnie who was born and raised in the coastal town of East London (located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa).

She’s the youngest black woman in the Skincare space which she started in 2017.

The Skincare entrepreneur who hasn’t looked back since she started went on to officially launched her company, Health renewal & Skincare Matrix located at Brooklyn Life hospital, Pretoria, South Africa, on May 31st 2019.

She carved a niche for herself by offering unique treatment for various skin concerns. Her services include Botox, Ozone therapy, Non surgical face lift, Non surgical breast lift, Fat freezing, Dermaplaning, Permanent makeup.

Others are Assisted weight loss, Non surgical skin tightening, Cellulite removal via Lazer, Non-invasive DNA testing, Vitamin Drip, and Vegan/holistic treatment options.

Monnie who is also married a Nigerian contemporary singer-Afropolitan model Glenn Mena, also possesses fierce gaze and power to walk to rival any model.

She’s a fresh face that is also carving a niche for herself in the fashion industry.

She was the lead model on the singer’s recently released video ‘You Better Know That’ shot in South Africa.